If you’re not familiar with A Course in Miracles then you should know that the course teaches a radical shift in how we see the world. This isn’t a course in superficial niceness or be good and you’ll go to heaven. This is a course that asks you to radically change your thinking about the world. It asks that you look within for answers and open your mind to spirit. In doing so you learn that the world you see with mortal eyes is in Reality an illusory experience. You come to experience that in Truth you are love.

The course refers to two worlds, illusion (world of form) and Reality (Truth.) In the world of illusion we adapt the belief that we’ve separated from God and exist as separate bodies. In this belief of separation we are not whole and we create the illusory need to seek completeness in external things. In our search for love, peace and joy we experience suffering and disappointment because nothing in this illusory world is Real. It’s analogous to trying to win the lottery in your dream, not a very sane approach to finding fulfillment.

In Truth we ARE love, peace and joy. We don’t “need” things to make us feel the truth of that. In fact, if we can learn to give up anxiety, fear, and worry we can experience the Oneness (completeness) that we are. This requires undoing all that we’ve learned in the mortal world. Our thinking needs a complete reversal of how we believe the world works and instead identify with the truth of our being.

The illusory world must be seen for what it is, not Real. This doesn’t mean that the physical world is to be denied. Everyone would agree that there is an appearance to the world of form and it is very real in its effects. However with the realization that it is not real, we have the capacity to see beyond it. Similarly we all have dreams when we sleep, but we wouldn’t necessarily ascribe reality to it. We can enjoy dreams but still recognize the illusive quality of them.

One of the Course’s central themes and way out of the illusory world is through forgiveness. Forgiveness is to overlook. In doing so we let go of our guilt and the guilt that we project onto others. We release our judgements and heal our perception of separation. When our perception is shifted, we experience nothing less than miracles. We are given an opportunity to answer a call to love and experience its extension. In doing so we identify with the love, peace and joy that we ARE.

From a mortal perspective this is all easier said then done, thankfully however there is Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the mediator between the illusory world and Truth. And as the mediator, the Holy Spirit serves as your guide (inner voice.) Your only requirement is a willingness to experience Truth and allow the Holy Spirit to evolve your thinking along the likeness of Christ consciousness.

Everything you’ve ever wanted you already have. You are connected to God (Oneness.) You are an extension of love in this world. You are here to extend love to others. Upon extending love to others you extend it to yourself because all is One and interconnected. The love that you are is eternal, forever, no past, no future, right now and without death. Heaven is not a destination but a Reality right NOW. It is a realization afforded to those who become enlightened. We all have the potential to become great avatars and the course is certainly one of many paths to help you there.

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