Don't you wish that all wine tasting tours Paso Robles were flexible and memorable? As tourists and vacationers, you want to get the best of any wine tour without having to visit all wineries. Traditional wine tours already have a set itinerary for the group but not everyone in the group likes the same thing. This keeps happening to many tour groups and sometimes, people can't help but wish that they could be the boss of their own schedule. Thanks to the Wine Line, this fantasy can be brought to life.

The Wine Line operates on totally new but absolutely fun concept. This is the first and only Hop on, Hop off wine tour company in California. Unlike other wine tasting tours Paso Robles, you don't have to be confined with a group's itinerary. Best of all, you don't spend a lot of money on the transportation.

The concept is simple. The Wine Line provides you with a map of the 60 wineries in Paso Robles. You're given the freedom to decide which wineries you would like to go to. Tell the driver which winery you would like to go to and he'll drop you off there. A shuttle will pick you up after 40 minutes, so you can go to the next winery of your choice. This is why it's called "hop on, hop off." Of course, you should inform the staff in advance if you would like to be picked up late or early.

The Wine Line is one of the few wine tasting tours Paso Robles that provide a lot of freedom for lunch. There's the Wine Line Gourmet Box Lunch (+$15). You can also eat your meals in the wineries.

You only have to pay $59.95 for all the 60 wineries. All the previous customers of the Wine Line have proclaimed satisfaction of the service in various aspects: affordability, courteous driver, environment-friendly, transportation, and freedom.

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