Dr Bock’s got a few concerns about vaccines but still recommends them but with heavy restrictions. If his restrictions on vaccines were followed, then no one would get the vaccines i.e. he recommends breast feeding as a way to strengthen the immune system. Well, why recommend vaccines if breast feeding makes the immune system stronger?

“Be certain your child is not receiving one of the older varieties of vaccinations that contain thimerosal. This is now unlikely to occur, but it has happened. The best way to check on the contents of the vaccine is to look at the package insert that comes with the vaccine.

Also, do not give your child a flu vaccination that contains thimerosal, as many do. The risks outweigh the benefits. Furthermore, if you should happen to be traveling or living abroad at the time of the vaccination, be especially vigilant about not receiving a vaccine containing thimerosal, because many vaccines with thimerosal were sold abroad after their use was discontinued in America.

If your child is old enough to take supplements, and has no history of reactions to supplements, give him or her vitamins C and A, zinc and transfer factor. Start the supplements one to two weeks before the vaccination. Also give them on the day of the vaccination and for two weeks after. At a minimum, give them the day after. Dosage should be appropriate to age, size, and other indications. Be especially sure not to give an excess of vitamin A. Vitamin A should preferably be given as cod liver oil”

“When we get exposed to viruses usually it's not going to be measles, mumps, rubella together so I think that can affect the immune response in an aberrant or abnormal way and cause problems. So my thing would be if you're going to give an MMR, you give the measles and then a couple of months later or several months later you give the mumps and rubella, you separate them out, allow the immune response to see that 1 attenuated virus and respond in an appropriate way”


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