Vietnam has always been a country which has been regarded for its historical importance from the perspective of the Americans. The relation between the two countries has been one to speak about. These days many an American is planning a trip to Vietnam simply to see through their own eyes the places which they have this far studied mainly in history books and also in storybooks which has relation to the famous war. Thus he demand for Vietnam visa has been ever increasing and what has stimulated this want even more is the fact that for the American travelers, the country normally offers Vietnam visa on arrival.

But there are a few things which you need to keep into consideration while going for your Vietnam visa application. Primarily your passport must be valid for more than 6 months at the time of departure which is very important. Keep in mind when you are leaving before going for the visa as you might face certain issues if your passport’s validity becomes less than 6 months during your tour. More importantly your passport must have pages left in order to get you a visa. This is a careless error many a traveller do and finally has to take the consequences.

Then when you are applying for the visa for Vietnam on arrival the aspects you would have to keep in mind are like the name on your passport and your visa must be exactly the same. But you are free to write it as per your wish like it does not matter whether you are writing your first name first or last name first unless the spellings are the same. Then as Americans you must remember that the date of birth format used in Vietnam is DD/MM/YY. Although yours are the other way round, you need to fill in the necessary thing as per the format of the country you are trying to enter.

Finally to avoid any unforeseen events, you need to enter the date of entry in the application correctly as you would only be granted entry to Vietnam on or after the date of arrival written by you in the application form. You would not be permitted to the country before that.
When all these issues are clarified, you need to understand that you, as Americans, are granted only 3 types of visa to Vietnam. If you have applied for a tourist visa for Vietnam, you are only eligible for sightseeing and non-business related activities. No paid work must be conducted during the tour. Similarly if you have mentioned business in your Vietnam visa application, you are then allowed to conduct commercial deals, evaluate investments, visit your vendors and clients and then perform any other business related activities as per your requirements. Finally, the work visa is issued for people who are looking forward to work in Vietnam for a company which has been registered in a foreign land.

Thus be very precise on which visa you are looking forward to and select one according to your requirements in order not to fetch yourself into problems during the tour.

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