In this article you will learn about the nature of energy how it works and how you can use this knowledge practically to benefit you in your everyday life.

There are times that we can use what has been labeled as dark or negative energy as a motivator to break through stagnation or a wall. Many of us use it naturally. For example if you have ever been an athlete you know fear of being embarrassed by your opponent can be a motivator to move you to play better. When I played basketball in high school and college there were times I would get angry with myself for playing timid or scared. When I did it took my game to a whole ‘nother level. The anger propelled me. It helped me to break through a time when all the positive thinking in the world did not move me.

Another example is you may have been motivated to achieve something because you wanted to show a significant other that spurned you or did you wrong. For instance after a break up with a boyfriend/girlfriend did you work out harder at the gym thinking about making their jaw drop when they saw you again? Have you ever listened to a song the artist is expressing how they will feel sometime in the future when they will be on top of the world and the significant other will regret leaving them? Do you Identify with that song and it spurs you to move in the direction that will ultimately benefit you in some way. For instance, you are in the process of developing a business that has yet to get off the ground or is struggling but you are determined to be successful at it.

These are all instances in our lives that we have taken a certain energy within you and used it to motivate and spur yourself in your desired direction in life. These are all circumstances when you have actually used what has been labeled as dark energy or negative energy. I am going to break from traditional ideas within metaphysics and spirituality here. Not just for the sake of doing so, but to give you a better understanding of the true nature of energy within our physical system.

Energy is dual in nature. In other words it has it opposites or counterparts. Society recognizes this on an intuitive level. We have labels for these energies. They are, love and fear, light and dark, good and evil. They are simply how we have labeled the concept of how the dual nature of energy manifest within us. From an ancient metaphysical Kemetic tradition the concept is called the Gender Principle. Meaning that all things in the universe has to have a masculine and feminine part to be born into existence. In other words just as a male and female have to join to produce a child, all events in the universe must have a masculine and feminine counterpart to be born into existence.

With a true understanding of what energy is you can better use all of it to your benefit. Masculine and feminine energy coexist. One cannot be without the other. The yin and yang symbol is a good visual representation of how energy coexists. It is masculine (light) and feminine (dark) together. One has a seed of the other inside. For the politically correct bunch please go beyond the metaphorical language and feel what I am imparting. The linguistic labels are expressing on a level that can be understood by the masses. But to truly get the meaning you must go within to imagine and feel the meaning. The truth for you. Masculine and feminine has very little to do with male and female. Only in the sense of expressing a metaphysical idea as a metaphor.

Masculine (light) is putting the idea in the perspective of the ancient times. It is an energy that is seeking, protruding and active. Feminine (dark) is the energy that is passive, receptive and open. One cannot exist without the other. If you need a visual just think of how a man and woman’s sex organs are constructed. Our body in this sense is a mirror of how the universe is constructed on an energetic level. As above, so below. As on earth as it is in Heaven. You cannot create anything without both.

So in your daily life recognize that feminine energy can be beneficial for a break through when you become stagnant. Do not judge it, just use it when the time comes. Allow yourself to use that energy in times you want to break through stagnation. You do it naturally. But you may have been erroneously taught that negative energy is bad. In reality, energy is not good or bad, it just is. We have labeled it and judged it within our society. But both have to exist and do within each of us. We do not need to fear the erroneously labeled feminine aspect of the energy within ourselves.

It can be helpful. We can get caught in dogma and doctrine not only on a religious level but many times spiritual concepts can be just as limiting. Light and dark exists within everything at all times. There would be no existence without both. To deny that which is a part of you has always been a prescription for disaster. The most powerful place you can be in is to be non-judgmental and allowing of energy to simply flow through. It will bring peace within you and the world around you will reflect that peace back to you.
You have used both energies in your life at different times. Now just understand when it can be beneficial for you. You are powerful beyond belief.

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I am an educator of personal empowerment. I teach The Transmutation Method. It is showing you through personal experience and common everyday examples how to connect mind body and soul. I do so from a metaphysical perspective.I don't take the common path in many instances. I bust many myths. You are more powerful than you have ever believed!