Oman hotels are decent, lavish and luxurious. The country has some of the best spots in the world in every number of stars category. These have finest of accommodation facilities and great food. All the recreational and entertainment facilities are available for the customers. The client service, the key for this industry, is up to the mark and is in line with the international standards. There are various options as well. At times certain special packages are on offer as well so one has to keep an eye for it. All the services available in the world are available in this country also from laundry services to restaurants, from swimming pools to Jacuzzi, from international cuisine to local favorites, shopping outlets to avenues for spending leisure time, from good lobbies to cafes. All types of rooms are also on the offering, from conventional to deluxe. The buildings are also been properly designed and properly finished. Equally convenient and memorable experiences both for personal and business travel. The requirements for booking are not that bulky and do not take much time.

Holiday in Oman is true exquisite, peaceful and memorable experience. The place has so much to offer. From desert safari to city landscapes, it has what it takes to be a tourist attraction and making your day a truly superb history. Apart from the desert rides, one can explore the cities and other places. One would surely appreciate the amount of development that has been done in this country in such a small span of years. This is also a politically stable country where law and order situation is also well within the control of the government so the tourists can have a care free and relaxing vacations. On the pocket, the options are various and range from mid range to expensive. There is so much to do for children as well making a great recreation for the whole family.

Bird watching is truly a wonderful recreational activity and past time. The activity that would surely make your leisure time great and that too with not so much of expenditure to do. This activity can be pursued with naked eye or vision enhancements like binoculars. There are auditory aspects to it as well. This activity is mainly done as a relaxing activity but a few do it in a considered way as studies. It has long history which dates back to the various centuries. History says that there have been many well know persons in this area who are famous or known till this modern age. The contemporary technologies have added another dimension to it which has been this activity further more interesting and with much ease and convenience. This has also helped in doing this activity remotely. Many people do the videography or photography while doing this activity. This also freezers their memories which they can cherish easily later on or may share those with other persons in their social network. Similarly sound enhancements are also available and sometimes very necessary to detect particular specie. Further to availing the benefits of this activity environment safeguarding is also to be ensured so that generations to come would be given the opportunity to appreciate it.

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Sheikh Al Zubairi is an expert tourism consultant associated with Ministry of Tourism of Oman that specializes in Tourist Spots all over sultanate of Oman, Oman regions. The experience of oman hotels, bird watching and islamic architecture in Oman is really special for foreigners and tourists.