A Healer in Every Family - a World without Pain

This is the wish expressed by Master Chunyi Lin, the developer of SpringForestQiGong.
In fact, if everybody learned the simple exercises taught by Master Chunyi Lin, the world would experience much less pain.
Master Chunyi Lin, has always had and he still has in mind, that pain is an unnecessary feeling and that it really can be avoided. This method works with all kinds of pain, be it physical, mental or spiritual or emotional.
Even if you get hurt and feel pain, you can do the small exercises, get rid of the pain and enjoy healing. It is that simple.
Pain is just energy in the wrong place. It is a blockage of energy in our systems. We all have five energy systems in our body.
Every organ belongs to a system. Certain organs go together and belong to the same system.
However, you do not have to know which organs belong to which system. The energy you are awakening by doing the small exercises, knows it. In fact, energy healing is information healing. This energy has got in itself the information necessary to bring relief to the aching part. The small exercises help to open up the energy channels. You will feel the energy flowing once the channels are open. In fact, what you bring about by doing the small exercises, is a re-balancing of the energy. Pain is an imbalance of the energy. An imbalance can take place wherever the pain is situated. By moving the energy through the small exercises, you can give your systems the right flow of energy. If the energy moves as it should, you not only get rid of aches and pains, you also enjoy better thinking, clearer thoughts, a positive attitude and gratefulness.
Energy is life. If you block energy somewhere or it is blocked due to an illness, a trauma or to your fears and anxiety, life is not so colorful as it could and should be.
SpringForestQiGong is the right choice. It is made for Westerners, It brings us the message of the easy healing that the Chinese have known for thousands of years, but it is prepared and simplified for the western mind, so that everybody can understand it.
You can do the exercises on your own. You learn them by watching the DVD and listening to the teachings of Master Chunyi Lin. In order to allow many people to follow his teachings, he has prepared a home study course that you can order at his center in Minneapolis. Once you will have started doing the small exercises, you won't want to miss them. They change your way of looking at the world and help you face your challenges.
By clicking on the following link, you will be taken directly to the homepage of SFQ, that is SpringForestQiGong where you can order your home study course. Do it now. You will never regret you did.

Author's Bio: 

I am Swiss, a professional translator, author and coach. I am an Instructor of EFT, EmoTrance, Remap and SpringForestQiGong. My aim is to help people get rid of their anxiety and related problems as well as teach them how to improve their overall health.