Many cities across the world have been called the cradle of civilization. Cities in Egypt, Greece and in Israel all have justifiable claims to having been hugely influential in the development of Western civilization. A visit to Athens and Alexandria or Jerusalem will steep one in historical places and wonders that helped make the West what it is today. Democracy stemmed from systems propounded and philosophized by the Ancient Greeks and their influence over all European and subsequently all western countries.

But the eternal city, Rome, has probably had more direct influence than any other. At the height of its influence the expression "All roads lead to Rome" was not a Joke and the Roman preponderance lasted all in all some 1,100 years from 750BC to the splitting of the Empire into Western (Roman) and Eastern( Constantinople in about 395AD.

Nevertheless Roman influence has remained unshackled as the seat of Catholicism to this day. The Edict of Thessalonica in 38oAD made the bishop of Rome the Primate of the Church and an all powerful Catholic church was dominant in the politics of the world up until the reformation.

A visit to Rome is a walk into the history of the western world. It is a city of Churches, monuments, fountains and sights that are a never ending source of delight and wonder.

At the centre of a Roman visit will be a trip to the Vatican. The Vatican is in fact an independent state from Italy which is about 57 acres and walled off from the rest of Rome All its citizens are member of the church and no children are born there. Basically St Peters, the Sistine Chapel maybe some gardens and museums are about all a visitor can actually go to. If you are lucky you will attend a mass and maybe see "Il Papa" when he makes one of his many appearances.

Frome there one can climb the Gianicolo which is a hill overlooking St Peters and the River Tiber and visit the most beautiful church of St Maria in Trastevere. But the sights are endless. From the world famous Spanish Steps where many students sit to eat breakfast and the Immortal Trevi Fountain where the legend goes that if one casts 3 coins over one's shoulder then you will one day make it back to Rome. Walk to the Forum and the Coliseum, the Pantheon which is a temple to the many gods of ancient Rome.

Visitors to Rome are in for a special treat when it comes to food. Not only the Pizza's and Pastas which are home made and delicious but the Italian way of preparing meat, fish or the dolces make eating in Rome a gourmet's delight.

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Enjoy your stay in The Eternal City and stay in walking distance of everything.

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