Educational games are those games which are designed to give the child knowledge about various subjects, expand on concepts, aid in understanding a historical event or any other such educational activity in course of play. Educational games for kids are broadly classified into three categories - video, card and board games.

Card games

Card games are one type of educational games which uses playing cards as the main playing device. There are innumerable card games and some games have more than one type of playing method like poker for instance. Card games follow a set of rules which varies widely from region to region. Card games teach the players to follow rules and use reasoning and analytical skills. It is a good game to hone the logical skills of the children.

Board games

Board games uses a squared pre -marked surface which is termed as board and involves moving of coins or pieces on this surface to win the game. As with any game this too involves a set of rules and the victory depends on both luck (like getting the correct number on the dice) and strategy. Board games are the perfect educational games for kids as most of the time they involve using strategies to win a battle or a similar situation through collecting points, counter strategies and sometimes even involve team efforts. It has all the necessary education for a young kid by way of inducing him to think of a counter for every opposition he faces and how use of strategy and correct planning can turn a losing position to a winning position. It also helps him learn how to manoeuvre his given resources and get the best out of them. It will help him in real life to use his natural abilities to full effect.

There are many varieties of board games. They sometimes come with no specific theme like the checkers and sometimes they have an inherent theme and a story line like with Cluedo. Games like tic-tac-toe follow simple rules and there are also games which have a vivid game description like the dungeons and dragons. The time required for the child to learn or master a game varies widely. The number of rules generally does not determine the time required for learning the game. For example chess, one of the most useful educational games, has simple set of rules but has profound strategies.

Video games

It is a type of electronic game which involves the player using an interface to obtain a visual feedback. All those games played using computer and other game consoles come under this category. Nowadays many educational institutions have realised the importance of reducing the use of paper and are increasingly using digital interface to teach children. These video games provide a very good way of imparting education through playing and fun. There are many educational games available on the internet right from games intended to teach children the basics like alphabet, numbers etc to more advanced education on all topics like language, science, history, geography etc.

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