Never underestimate the capacity of good, finely written articles to promote your website. Article writing is the ideal way of website promotion for new internet marketers working on a tight budget or limited resources. Now, how can you come up with excellent articles? You have to start article writing by investing time in doing research about your products or services.

Get intimate with them. Put them to test. Nothing beats a first hand account of how something made an impact on the writer. Never fear to give out honest opinions pertaining to the quality of whatever it is you are promoting. Your honesty will help you gain their trust and confidence just like Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah said she would never endorse something unless she has personally used it and can attest to its quality and value. Then put it into writing. Write articles pointing directly to your product. Be brief, concise and precise. Provide useful information and realistic reviews. Educate your readers, offer accurate, verifiable and exact information written in a clear manner.

Never forget to pay special attention to your grammar, tenses and the quality of your sentences or else you will lose credibility on the matter. Carefully include searchable keywords to help boost your SE rankings and website traffic generation. The content of your articles should be written in a way of giving information and at the same time offering a solution pointing to your product or services.

The main reason in the first place that we read is for us to learn, to discover new things and to offer solutions to whatever it is that’s bugging us. You can also quote experts on your niche market to further strengthen the claims or beliefs you have. At the end of your article, provide a resource box with your name, contact details and a direct link to your website.

Then promote your articles by submitting to free online article directories for publication. Look for article directories with specific and well targeted niche categories and at the same time directories that are already popular with a steady volume of traffic and high ranking. You can easily get highly targeted prospects and backlinks for your homepage thus, improving your search engine rankings.

Article writing is an excellent way to market your business online, letting the world know about the wonders and benefits of your products. If done correctly, article writing will give you and your website the credibility and the reputation it so needs to cement your place in your niche. You only need to have patience and time to achieve this.

Article writing is the internet marketers’ primary tool, his bread and butter when it comes to website promotion. Write at least ten articles weekly and submit it do different directories through out the web. Before you know it, your homepage is showing in SE searches, moving slowly, steadily and surely to the top.

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Menno Spijkstra is a successful underground Internet Marketer who has been online for many years, selling his own products in many niches. Menno now decided to share his knowledge and experience through this site,