Choosing the right color for your kitchen cabinets is essential in giving your kitchen a good look. White is one of the widely used colors in the kitchen. Many people perceive it as a classic color that comes with tons of benefits. So, should you install new white kitchen cabinets? well, just before you decide, you might want to have a look at the following pros and cons:
The pros:

White is attractive

Installing white kitchen cabinets is a good idea because white is an attractive color in the kitchen. It gives the kitchen a sophisticated look that creates a general feeling of wealth. It is a conspicuous color, meaning that your cabinets will always be the focal point in the kitchen.

Lightens the room

White cabinetry can lighten your dull kitchen. If the wall color and other kitchen equipment have dull color, white might work well to redefine the look of the kitchen by brightening up things around.

Creates perception of more space

White kitchen cabinets are great for homeowners with small kitchens. White creates a perception of more space in the kitchen. This is because it reflects light on the kitchen. Therefore, you will perceive the kitchen as bigger than it is.

Cheaper to maintain

White is an ordinary color that is easy to maintain. It won’t be stressful for the homeowner to find white cabinetry when in need of replacement.


Too common

If you are looking for a unique kitchen, then white kitchen cabinets are not your best companion. They are common and available in most home homes.

Catches dirt easily

In as much as it is attractive, white kitchen cabinets show dirt easily. This tends to annoy homeowners as they have to clean or wipe the cabinets multiple times a day. It is not an ideal choice if you have a busy kitchen.

Too cold

Another reason why you should avoid white is that it is too cold. The color seems too clinical for a kitchen. This disadvantage is more prevalent when you have a predominantly white kitchen.

However, you can avert this drawback by installing warm light fixtures in your kitchen.

Final verdict:

With these pros and cons explained, homeowners can now decide with information. You just need to consider if the pros outweigh the cons in value before you decide to install white kitchen cabinets in your home.

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