I had the chance to learn my native language in my family since I was born and the official language as my second one when I went to kindergarten. Until recently I did not realize how lucky I was.
Learning a second language is surely a process that needs effort and time, depending on the age and ability of an individual. Current technology helps learning a second language making it more flexible. You can study almost anywhere you like with the help of audio and video materials you can find very easy using the internet. Here are just some of the most obvious few reasons why knowing a second language is beneficial:
1. eliminates the language barrier you may face with some potential partners – business or personal;
2. having a common ground to develop relationship; people tend to be more open with someone that speaks their language;
3. increase your chances if you get lost in a remote area that you are traveling;
4. gives you the chance to understand the local customs in a deeper way.
If go past these 4 obvious reasons you may find some other benefits you can get from learning a second or even third language indifferent of your age, abilities or even traveling plans:
1. Improves your mental skills and keeps your mind open to learning new things;
2. Opens your mind to accepting differences and to be more understanding with other people’s reactions;
3. Develops your thinking in a more mature and sensible way ;
4. Studies done during past years in USA, show that wealth level increases with the vocabulary that one possesses and uses
5. According to a recent research, people who learn a foreign language are wealthier, happier and are regarded sexier than those who can speak only one language.
6. According a survey in Britain involving 270 dating agencies, the results showed that people who learn a second language are regarded as more attractive, intelligent and sexier.
Continuous development is the key to success and a second language may be a fun and useful way to start your own journey.

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Senol ASAN is an expert on leadership, communication, negotiations, sales and sales management, business development and project management, and performance management. He has published articles on some of the most important websites over the internet and in international publications. He had public speaking engagements on leadership in different countries in Central and Eastern Europe.