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Habitual absenteeism is dangerous. It is a possible sign of an underlying issue such as anxiety disorder or depression. It makes you a strong contender for layoff or termination, stops you from building a good relationship with your colleagues, and prevents having a positive impression.

But is there anything you can do about it? There are far too many ways on how you can beat it. Here is a sample self help guide:

1. Beat procrastination. Procrastination is one of the leading causes of absenteeism. You sleep and wake up late. Worse, you spend too much time doing nothing. By the time you realize you have to go to the office, you are already too late. Thus, you just decide to stay at home.

Here is a procrastination self help: sleep early. Give your body at least 6 to 8 hours of good sleep. Lack or too much sleep makes you feel groggy and exhausted. Perk up your morning. Drink a good cup of coffee or tea or spend 15 minutes on a treadmill.

2. Get to the bottom of your absenteeism. Sure, you can cite internal conflict, office politics and gossip, and even stress as the reasons for your absences. But there could be a more serious cause for these. You just have not realized it yet.

There is a huge chance you are fighting depression and anxiety. Just thinking about your boss causes you to panic. Your piled-up work brings anxiety, and the lack of workplace harmony leads to your depression.

Self help with depression is to change your manner of thinking. Consider having a self help audio of subliminal messages. These affirmations may include the following:

I am ready to be the peace bearer in the workplace.
My boss is my friend and mentor.
My colleagues do not mean to harm me.
I can depend on my team.

You can listen to the self help audio downloads while traveling. Make sure you allow every word to go into your subconscious and motivate you to change your perception about your workplace.

3. Increase your self-esteem. You think you are never good enough for the team. You believe you cannot contribute to the current project. So why bother going to work? You are wrong. All you need is a little boost of confidence. You can make use of subliminal messages for this.

Here is another trick: put sticky notes of affirmations in your desk. This is how you remind yourself you are worth something.

4. Keep yourself healthy. More than 30 percent of the employees do not report to work because of sickness. They are struggling with cough, cold, flu, stomach problems, eye issues, back and limb pain, and a myriad of diseases.

That is why health and fitness is essential. Maintain a good diet even if you are in the office. Think about walking a few blocks than taking a bus or subway. You can also take the stairs than the elevator. Reduce stress by relaxing. Create a boundary between work and home.

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