In the Southeastern part of Perth lies the ever popular Margaret River winemaking region. And truth be told, this place has a charm unlike any other highlight of Perth.

This region produces nearly 3% of exotic wine for Australia and also accounts for 5% of its premium wine supply to Tourism Australia! 

Along with the record-setting Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse and the Busselton Jetty namely where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet, this region offers visitors a wonderful platter lunch with cider samples of the best wine.

Getting To The Margaret River And Its Wineries

The approximate distance to the Margaret River from Perth is approximately 3-hours. The whole region begins from Busselton and Dunsborough (North) to Augusta (South). 

If one plans on going from Perth in a large group, then the best way would be to charter a party bus to embark on the drive down to the South. These party bus charter in Perth offer transfers at reasonable rates be it on weekdays or weekends. 

Top Wineries To Explore In This Region:-

  • Vasse Felix: 

The Vasse Felix labels as one of the top wineries in Australia. From mouthwatering full dining meals to grand wine tasting; one will find everything they had hoped for.

A good majority of the cuisines are inspired by some traditional Australian dishes, and in taste, all of them are very savoury. As for its wine collection- it offers you an exquisite range, with the most popular one being the Classic Dry White Wine. 

  • Aravina Estate: 

This region is of 180 acres, and 1/3rd of it encapsulates within that vineyard. For sparkling wine lovers, this region presents a specialty known as Chenin Blanc. With that; one can also check out its vintage collection of motorcycles, sports cars and memorabilia of local surfs. 

It is one must-visit region to embark on. And to ensure everyone reaches this region safely and comfortably, be sure to secure the party bus ride from companies offering cheap wine tours in Perth dedicatedly with professional drivers. 

  • Voyager Estate:

Voyager Estate undoubtedly is one of the most attractive wineries in the Margaret River winery region. Lots of party bus charters are accessible from Perth, and on reaching the region; one will find a rose embellished garden and a lush vineyard. Furthermore; one will also find crisp white rose bush at every row’s end.

The whole area is spectacular, to say the least. Standing there everyone taking pictures, exploring the vines personally and tasting some of its exquisite wines will be an unforgettable experience. 

  • Flutes: 

This is another award-winning winery situated in the Margaret River Region with a splendid view of the Wilyabrup Brook. Tourists and wine lovers from all across Australia come here for its mouthwatering dishes and its exotic wines.

Being one of the popular wineries to check out, it is known to every service provider offering party bus arrangements for wine tours in Perth at reasonable fares.

A Promise Of A Splendid Experience!

Embarking on wine tours is a very popular activity in Australia for years. One can even consider it as one of its long-adopted customs simply because the Aussies love drinking wine. 

Be a part of this amazing culture. Contact a trustworthy party bus rental company offering quality wine tours in Perth and prepare for it.   

A splendid experience awaits...!

Author's Bio: 

The author is a writer by profession and being an avid wine lover too, has taken several wine tours in Perth over the years. With some articles, the author also educates the readers why a party bus charter is the safest way to take wine tours.