No matter where you’re living in – Delhi or China, India or Pakistan – buying and using Anti Pollution Face Masks has become imperative for almost everyone who is venturing out. When it comes to preventing polluted air and their life-threatening upshots; these masks are an absolute must! Though such Anti Pollution Masks cannot completely thwart you from inhaling the toxic smoke they can definitely lower the discriminating impacts.

But not every mask comes with equal qualities and thus gets comparable results. With so many options out there; it can be a bit tricky and complicated for people to buy the right face mask for pollution prevention. To make your search a bit simpler and easier, we got into the qualities and technicalities to discover which Anti Pollution Face Masks can work best for you. Let’s explore!

Qualities To Look For

1. How It Fits Against Your Face?

An essential attribute that determines the effectiveness of Anti Pollution Masks is their aptness to your face. Make sure to know how comfortably the mask fits against your face and how secure it keeps your nose from inhaling toxic air.

2. Which Material Is It Made Of?

The material of the mask is what determines how effectively the mask will filter out the deadly and polluted air particles. While Cotton or surgical masks are not so obliging certified face masks like N95 Face mask is capable of filtering out 95% airborne elements.

3. How Well-Ventilated Is The Mask?

Good ventilation matters a lot, especially for those who use these masks for a longer period or for exercising outside. While some Anti Pollution Face Masks put their foot away from the face, thus creating a well-ventilated and comfortable breathing space, while some others deliver excessively suffocating feel during heavy exertion. Make sure to choose the right one!

4. Is It Stylish?

Style and design of the face masks should also be a considering point for the buyers. If you are a fashion-sensitive person then buying and using stylish and fashionable anti-pollution face masks can be a great choice. These masks are both effective in filtering out airborne particles and also aesthetically pleasing.

Final Words

Concluding, apart from these four basic yet essential features; you also can look for N95 rating, eco-friendliness, price, and recyclability of the masks before buying. Always make sure to buy those Anti Pollution Masks that offer more than 95% protection against the polluted air.

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