HPSC, UPPSC and HPPSC is the road to a successful government service career. If you want to live your life within the security of the Government job, nowadays sitting for the exams conducted by the Public Service Commission is the best way to go about it. These exams land you the best jobs and therefore are really quite tough exams to crack. You need to have a through preparation of the required subject matter. There is not easy road to success and hard work is the only mantra which is sure to make you successful. If you are able to find success by sitting for the examination the very first time there can be nothing better than that. However it is not always this much easy at all times. Even if you are unable to get a success on the initial try, the important thing is not to lose heart but keep the enthusiasm for the examination alive till you get it right. This is what competition is all about. After all nothing succeeds like success and this should be remembered at all times.

HPSC or Haryana Public Service Commission, similar to the UPPSC and the HPPSC is the most prominent body in Haryana for the recruitment of the Government staff. The Haryana Public Service Commission came into existence in the 1966 along with the establishment of the state of Haryana itself. Presently this commission is quite a large one with 4 members in all including a chairman. The function of the commission and its members is the recruitment of the eligible candidates through the fair conduction of the examination and see that all the steps in the conduction of the examination go through smoothly.

UPPSC or the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission is the state body which is making it possible for the candidate’s to enter the haloed sanctum of government service by sitting in the competitive examination. It is quite naturally a very difficult absorption procedure and only hard work and mental strength along with luck for favor can help the candidates on their way. Also there is the HPPSC or the Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission which was established in the year 1971. Its main function is the conduction of the appoint process for the various state services. The commission presently has four members with the chairman is the head. Similar to the HPSC, the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission and the Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission help to absorb candidates as and when required in their respective states.

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