You might have heard about singles events or speed dating parties. You haven’t? These are quite a rave in the matchmaking scenario these days! They aim to gather single people so that they can ‘mingle’! The idea is to bring together people having the same kind of relationship goals and ideologies. If you are at a singles event, and you meet a person you would like to know better, you could definitely ask him/her out on a second date. You get to have quiet quick conversations with other people, and so the name speed dating. The concept is even more effective for people who don’t seem to find the time to chat up people (in real life or on dating apps!).

Imagine the scene -- you enter a singles party, and you are instantly filled with the hope that tonight you will be meeting Mr Right. But, as you look around, your heart sinks a little. Yes, you are surrounded with men who have faces like an unmade bed. You think to yourself that looks aren’t everything! But hello, if you are looking to impress, it wouldn’t hurt to run an iron over that shirt, right? Yes, men could be as stupid as that, and often end up wasting a golden opportunity offered by a room full of keen ladies. But, ladies, you often don’t do any favours for yourself at singles events. In Sydney, European Singles in Sydney organizes such successful singles events for you. They offer personalized match making services, Greek dating, and Italian singles for its clients.

Dos and Don’ts for women at a singles event

We are about to spell out some of the grave mistakes that ladies make at singles events hosted by any reputed matchmaker. In Sydney, there are many such events which take place, and ladies do everything except making the most out of it. They will come to the venue in packs, spend the entire time chatting up with each other, shy away from making any sort of eye contact, say no to the ice-breaker games, and finally head home, complaining that nobody spoke to them. So, if you don’t want to behave the way we just described, read on to know the etiquette:

1. Do go solo: In case you are attending such an event with friends, you should split up, or even better, go solo. You might feel comfortable being amongst your known group of people, but that makes it difficult for men to approach you. Cause, ladies, even you would agree that it takes a lot of courage to approach a woman.

2. Do join in the games: The next thing that you should keep in mind is to ensure that you join in the games, however silly it may be. It gives you and others the perfect excuse to approach each other, and the silliness helps people to relax and let go of their inhibitions.

3. Don’t look unapproachable:One of the most important things to remember is that you should be looking out into the room, make eye contact with men, keep smiling – i.e., in short, look approachable. Be inviting, take a step or two, and don’t fiddle with your phone.

4. Don’t go unprepared: If you want to avoid awkward moments, you should go prepared with a few conversation pointers. Certain generic questions like “what do you like to do in your leisure time?” or “What do you like best about your job?” will keep the conversation moving, and also tell you a lot about the guy. Further, make sure to scram in some pieces of paper in your purse, so that you can swap details like a phone number (or maybe an email ID), if the need arises.

5.Do know how to exit gently: And finally, if a conversation goes on too long for your liking, you should know how to gently exit the scene. You could just politely thank him for chatting, and mention that you really ought to get mingling. And in case that doesn’t work, fake a trip to the loo.

So, these were some of the most important dos and don’ts when you are out attending a singles event. Following these religiously probably won’t ensure that you find your Mr Right, but will definitely ensure that you have a great time, make the most of the opportunity, and enjoy yourself at the event.

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