Think it, See it, Feel it, Believe it!


It’s a little strange really when you think about things…

A good friend of mine just reminded me today about the time when we were in Junior School and I was chastised by the teacher (who I had so much respect and admiration for). I was chastised for daydreaming and for not paying attention – “come back to earth and get your head out of the clouds” were her remarks.
Even though her remarks were (as always) delivered in a caring, respectful way – they did however instill a belief in me that daydreaming was wrong, in fact for years I actually believed that daydreaming was a sin! And that obviously then made daydreaming a bit of a no-go for me – as I’m sure it would for most people.


However as a born dreamer I was left with a bit of a dilemma – I knew I couldn’t let it go altogether and it was clear to me that daydreaming was frowned upon as a waste of precious time – so I decided to ask God if it was ok to daydream just for a while just before I went to sleep each night (it’s very strange thinking about this right now because I can actually remember having this conversation with God all those years ago – wow!).
As I didn’t feel or sense any objections I began to limit my daydreams to that time at night just before I went to sleep – and I always remembered to ask for forgiveness for any time I had wasted - whenever I went to Confession at Church.

Our own perceptions

When I think back now to the original event at school – I know for sure (as I did then also) that my kind-hearted teacher didn’t intend to instill fear or anything like that into me – she just wanted me to focus on my school work and rightly so. However it was my actual perception of what she meant (and the fact that I was emotionally charged because of it – because I felt so embarrassed, being chastised by my favorite teacher in front of the whole class) that instilled the belief in me that it was wrong.
It makes me wonder just how many of us have put limitations on ourselves because of our perception of something that happened in our past .


The reality is that daydreaming or visualisations are immensely important – they are what inspire us.
In our day to day decisions we all use visualizations to an extent – whether its deciding what we want for lunch, new clothes, a new car or a new home etc.. we will tend to see and get a feel for what it is we want – for example if we’re deciding what we would like for lunch today – most of us will flash play the various options through our minds eye and get a feel and a taste for what we would like today – and after that little screenshot I think I’ll be having pizza today – or perhaps I’ll stick with the healthier option, salad – but the pizza did look very appealing I must admit.

Visualisations for our goals

The most exciting use of visualisations for me has got to be when we’re using them to visualise our goals and dreams.
Lets face it everything we can see at this moment started as a dream or vision to someone before it was ever a reality. Our chair, sofa, kitchen table, home, car – these were all fully designed and created from the initial vision – whether by an architect, car designer etc..

Creating our vision

Think it

For example say our goal is buying our dream home.
We would have to think about things like;

 Where would our dream home be
 How many rooms would we want
 How many en-suites would we require
 Gardens
 Garages

See it

We would then be able to start to create our vision of what our dream home would look like;

 What does the exterior look like
 What colour is the front door
 What kind of windows does it have
 What do each of the rooms look like
 Hallway
 What size are the rooms

Feel it

As you walk through your vision of your new home in your minds eye – imagine how you would actually feel when you walk through the rooms;

 Is it light or dark
 What furnishings do you have - and how do they feel
 What aromas do you sense
 How does it feel to own a home like this

Believe it

The more we practice this visualisation and the more detail we put into it the more we will begin to believe that it is both possible and then potentially inevitable.

And because what we focus on is what we attract to us – the law of attraction will draw our dream home to us.


Obviously as with anything worthwhile it does take time,effort and action (for example on the ideas or inspirations which come to us) – but well worth it in the end.

Whether or not you have used visualizations in the past – I urge you to start using this technique as it’s such a powerful way to inspire us to achieve our goals.

Live life with passion

Barbara Smiles

Author's Bio: 

My name is Barbara Smiles and my passion in life is personal development I’m dedicated to lifelong learning and love reading, listening and watching inspirational books, cd’s, audios, articles and movies.

I started my personal development quest over fifteen years ago - in the late 90's.


I just felt as though there was so much more to me than I was allowing myself to be – greater potential, possibilities, goals and dreams yet to be fulfilled – but what and how?

I desperately wanted to understand what was going on with me because I felt so ungrateful – having all that I had and yet still feeling a sense of sadness and discontent.

And so my quest for answers began….

My journey

Since then I have immersed myself in Personal development and Self help information – some of my favourite authors are; Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Wayne Dyer and Napoleon Hill to name but a few.

I’ve also studied a variety of personal development techniques;

Neuro linguistic programming
Clinical hypnotherapy
Emotional freedom technique
Thought field therapy.

All of this has empowered me to see myself and my life in a whole new light and created within me a renewed sense of drive and determination to live my life with purpose and passion.

I now understand that to be the Master of my own destiny – then I must become the Master of my own Mind.

I have created my website to
assist as many people as I can to enhance / enrich their
own lives - and live the life they were born to live.

Wishing you happiness and success

Barbara Smiles