"If you always attach positive emotions to the things you want, and never attach negative emotions to the things you don't, then that which you desire most will invariably come your way."- Matt D. Miller

Setting your goals and achieving them requires the universal law of attraction. Desires start from within and when they do, it is not long before actions, ideas and thoughts become obeyed. Frankly, how do you ask the universe to give you those things you crave for? Do you believe that you'll receive them? Not all people do believe that they can have the things they want, and that is why some people never get what they want. They don't realize their dreams and goals.

Four Tips for Achieving Your Goals

1.) Ask the Universe: The universal law of attraction states that when we ask, we shall receive. You can have things whenever you want them and in the amount that suits you, all you have to do is to ask the universe. Nonetheless, when it comes to achieving your goals, we are first talking about having a clear idea of what it is we are aiming for. This implies that your goal should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

2.) The Way in Which You Ask: Of course, the way in which you ask the universe plays an important role of the outcome. You have to remember that the universe hears your request as you make it and responds to it. What I mean here is that if your first thought is along the lines of "I want a brand new Ferrari" the response from the universe is, "Your wish is my command." However, if your thought is quickly followed with the idea that your goal is never going to be achieved, the universe will say, "Your goal will not be achieved."

The law of attraction is based on the belief, "like attracts like." If you focus yourself on positives things, you'll get positive results and vice versa. Focus your thoughts that you'll achieve your goals.

3.) Your Actions: When you have set your goal and you have asked the universe, your mind automatically leads you towards achieving the goal. Without even being aware of it, you successfully complete small tasks of your goal. Opportunities open up to help you reach the goal. Every morning when you wake up, have passion for your goal and your mind will start working towards the attainment of your goal.

The process requires your effort and discipline. You have to know that things are not going to fall into place on their own; you have to work and manage your time properly. For example, if you really want to move up the ladder at work then show your willingness that you're ready by working efficiently and volunteering for whatever you can.

4.) Remain Positive: In order for the universal law of attraction to help you in achieving your goals, you need to remain positive. Have faith that the universe can provide you with whatever you wish. Never should you doubt your competence.

Be conscious of what is going around you and keep on learning something new that will help you to achieve your goal. Grasp every opportunity with enthusiasm if you want to achieve your goal you have set. Believe that you'll achieve them the exact way you want them.

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