In 2008 I took workshops in Business Plan Development and received a certificate. I can now guide others who want to develop a business plan. The name of my business plan is Creating Intelligent Pleasure. I decided to do a project by writing a guide book with the same name to compliment the business plan. The project had to do with product creation. I wanted to help people by showing them how to turn projects into products

My project was supposed to launch on January 18th, 2009, however, the articles for the guide were stolen and my blog which I also named Creating Intelligent Pleasure was hacked and that brought an end to my self-employment project.

The story goes on to this day. The person who stole the articles terrorizes me everyday to this day dated, March 18th, 2011. I am still being terrorized by a person's demons. That is the method how they are stealing things from people. They are terrorizing people with "mediums" who mock, slander, rape, humiliate the victims 24 hours a day. They follow the victims around while they shop, go to the doctor's office, job interviews. They terrorize the victims while they take their shower,it is the same as a peeping--tom, they narrate everything the person is thinking while they work, read, cook, and when on the internet, they give the victim's passwords to the person who send them to do these things.

They steal the victim's phone minutes, and they are also using the victim's internet. My cell phone minutes and internet are also being used as I write this. So, the person is a stalker and is probably living in the area.

I am a victim, Marsha Anderson, (or one of ) The so-called "mediums" are raping others people (for me to hear) to terrorize me.

They (the mediums aka demons) are entering the bodies of victims' private areas, even the head. They hang around boasting that the person who told them to do this will never destroy them. Apparently, they are being told that they are "conjured people", however, there is no record of any human beings ever resurrected by another human being.

During these 25 months of terror, I learned that the person who "conjured" these demons up are using them to lure victims for rape, and to extort money like ODSP if they end up at CAMH in Toronto, ON, Canada.

They threaten me that they will do the same to the police including the Chief of police if they should investigate.

At the time this happened, I lived at 346 Davenport Road in a second floor bachelor apartment. The mediums kept saying that one named Gary Posner (the landlord) told them to do this to me, they also mentioned the names, Anita Persad (who works at CAMH and is in charge of ODSP applications), Yousebel Garcia Diaz, Tony Posner (who the landlord says does not exist)

The mediums are named with human beings names such as; Appollonia, Tania, Wavelle, Gary Posner, Tony Marzden.

The mediums are saying the people who brought them to 346 Davenport Road brought them there because they make porn movies at that place. If the police checked, all my blogs are linked to porn sites and Google has taken some of them down because, they are considered Spam sites. I did NOT LINK any of my blogs to any such sites. The mediums keep telling me to take my clothes and shoes off everyday. I have been celibate for the past 21 years but they keep calling me a whore.

At this very minute they are in my neighbors' place (townhouse condo) still doing the same thing. Those people did not even live there a year and they are selling their home because they must be going through the same thing. I live in Whitby now, and they were told to follow me to continue the terrorizing.

Other names, Tony Downey, Juliette, Patrick (Juliette's cousin) Patty, the people who they (the mediums) say told them to do these things to people. All these people live at the building at 346 Davenport Road, Toronto, Ontario.

My internet server was Telus. After 6 weeks and paying over 250.00, Telus terminated my account on the 14th of November, 2010. I was still being charged for the use of the internet until the 11 th of February 2011. I changed my internet service to Bell, and my computer is still being hacked because the Bell application window is popping up saying that I am not the administrator. I contacted Bell several times using the Bell online internet service. I received a call from someone that is supposed to be a Bell representative and the woman gave me instructions to follow which did not work, so they said they will send a service person to check what is wrong. After about 30 minutes, a gentleman called and I was told that he will not be coming to my home (between 12-5pm) His number was restricted. This gave me cause to be concerned. So I called the number that the woman from Bell used to call me and it wasn't even a Bell service number.

I then Googled the number and found out that this is a number with an address in Lachine, Quebec. 5146316564.

I have been to the police, I have written the Durham Chief of police, and I have also written CSIS about what is happening to me, still.

I have a voice and I am writing and trying my best to explain what is going on.

My name is Marsha Anderson. I need the police to investigate this matter soon.

I think that someone is using spiritualistic practices, aka sorcery to terrorize people. I believe in doing what is good and I will never stoop to that level for fame or fortune. I like the light, not darkness. I do not understand why people have to act so niggardly against their own kind. Obviously, a person has to have very little self-respect, lack in self-esteem, and hardly any confidence in the self.

Like why will anyone in the world of the living go behind closed doors to conjure up demons, a lower condemned being to terrorize those who are living. They smell hideous, and they speak using demonic inspired expressions. No one can see them. they can only be heard. They use the airwaves/air vents, sound of water from the tap and shower, during which they become very cantankerous, they keep repeating the same thing over and over as if they were programmed to repeat the same thing everyday. VERY BORING, stupid, lack of intelligence, probably instigated by someone from Haiti/Caribbean, they are likely coming from a child sex slave operation working underground (by some of the things they say.)

The one using the name Appollonia speaks like a woman, a child, a young girl, a toddler, an old man, a male youth for the purpose of deceiving victims, I guess for also the purpose of luring. this demon becomes cantankerous, smells like a beast and acts like a wild beast drunk with fornication. Rebuking does not seem to chase them away, in fact, they say that they do what they are being told because they can, and no one can destroy them because their instigator will never destroy them. The Appollonia demon acts like a bully and tells the others to do wicked things using the phrase; "I will give you everything" if someone should do this or that.

I am hoping that the FBI, the CIA, CSIS will investigate this because this is very dangerous since they are threatening to rape police or any government people who investigate.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Marsha Anderson

Author's Bio: 

Marsha Anderson is an English Literature (bachelor of arts degree) university graduate. Marsha Anderson also has a diploma in Visual Arts, and has received credits in creative writing, painting, water color, drawing,graphic design, basic ESL, and business plan development.