“Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.” Benjamin Disraeli

Knowledge doesn’t mean a thing unless you are prepared to act on it.
It’s all very well knowing you can do whatever you set your heart on, but if you never do anything about it nothing will change, you’ll stand still and stagnate.
There’s nothing you can’t accomplish if you clearly define your goal, resolve to focus entirely on achieving it and take massive action to do so.
The grit and determination required to dedicate yourself to the pursuit of your goal will inevitably lead you to take giant steps in order to make it happen. If you are committed to realising your dream you will find you’re only too ready, willing and able to back up that highly focused sense of purpose with carefully considered actions.
This massive action is the signpost to ultimate success. Without it your goals are little more than pipe dreams conspiring to feed the negative thoughts that nurture an abiding sense of failure and dissatisfaction. By taking massive action, you reward and affirm your own ambition, creating the mental space in which you can achieve great things.
It means the obstacles and problems that inevitably appear to block your way forward can be faced head on and attacked with such force and passion that they will be comfortably overcome. What’s more, you’ll learn so much from clearing such hurdles that you’ll feel even stronger when faced with new difficulties and more confident in your ability to surmount them.
For that to happen, your actions must be proportionate to the goal. The bigger the goal, the greater the effort required to achieve it and the bigger your actions must be. It’s also vital to be able to honestly and clearly gauge your own progress. Kidding yourself that you’re doing better than you are is just as detrimental to success as being focused on what you haven’t yet got.
So you need to be aware of what is working and what is not so that you can filter out actions and situations that are not furthering your cause. This will enable you to make better use of the things life gives you and see opportunities more clearly.
Success is not a given, it depends entirely upon hard work, smart planning and understanding exactly what it means to you. Your commitment will drive you to focus your efforts so that the massive action you take will bring you closer to your goal.
Too many people are discouraged from ever really doing something about their goals because they think they will have to give their lives up in order to do so. But that’s not the case. For anything to succeed you have to enjoy the process of getting there as much as the end result.
Life is far too short to be spending time doing things you don’t want to for no good reason and nothing is ever achieved under duress. It’s far more productive to work with a glad heart, have a passion for what you’re doing and enjoy it.
It’s not difficult to understand massive action and how it works. In short, you need to take massive action to get what you want from life and you need to care about what you want in order to take that massive action.
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Steven Foster knows a thing or two about thinking your way to success. Having left school at the age of 16 without a qualification to his name, by the time he was 30 he had built and lost a business that was turning over more than £2 million a year.
Undeterred, he took stock and reordered his life, shaping the future according to his own Principles of Positive Business. He now runs GTI, the internationally successful creative agency responsible for ground-breaking digital lifestyle products.
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