After several months of dating, you get along so well with each other that you spend a significant amount of your time at each other’s house. When this happens, it’s time to seriously consider getting your own place together.

However, there are things you need to keep in mind as you make this major life move – we talk about a few of them below.

Talk about your expectations

When you move in with others, you’ll be taking your habits into a place where they have established routines in place. Moving in with a significant other adds another layer on top, as you have a deeper relationship that may be disrupted if there is a big clash between how you do things.

As soon as you decide to move in together, have a talk about your daily schedules, cleaning arrangements, and other issues which have the ability to create tension between you and your love.

This way, you can get everything out in the open, which will greatly reduce the risk of either of you breaking an ‘unwritten rule’, and allowing you to negotiate a set of guidelines that work for both of you.

Give each other space

Not long after many couples move in together, they make a common mistake – one of them assumes they need to be in each other’s presence 24/7, which inevitably ends up annoying the heck out of the other person.

We all need our alone time (even extroverts). Avoid the erosive effect constant contact can have on your romance by carving out a space in your home where either of you can go to seek out some solitude.

Also, it is important to permit each other time to see your best friends, as friendship is an important lifestyle element separate from romantic relationships that often gets curtailed as couples get more serious.

Giving each other ‘me time’ will also allow for the development of hobbies. If you are into gaming online, you shouldn’t feel the need to give it up simply because you are moving in with your partner. If you are also into cryptocurrency, note that the popularity of bitcoins in gambling is on the rise - the privacy they provide and the ability to increase your holdings of an asset with tremendous upside makes it incredibly attractive.

No matter whether your game is blackjack or baccarat, place your bets and watch your stash edge its way up.

Keep lines of communication open

Even when you’ve laid out how you expect things to go, conflicts will arise from the unlikeliest of sources. As such, you shouldn’t keep things bottled up or rely on ‘dropping hints’ - when something bugs you, talk with your partner about it.

Use assertive language – taking the diplomatic route will avoid sparking an avoidable fight, while getting the issues at hand identified and resolved.

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