Love for Summer T-shirts is never ending and with the introduction of new designs, print and pattern it has become fun while choosing a t-shirt. Thing that concerns us the most is the colour and its fit. We overlook a lot more things and never pay attention to the minute details thinking that it doesn’t make a difference, but wait, think for a while- it does make a big difference. We never bother with such things because we are not much aware about the mistakes we are making while making purchases. In this article all those points will be discussed that might help you next time you go shopping.
Placement of print on the Summer T-shirt is what needs to be checked while making purchases. As discussed it’s not always about the size. There might be t-shirts that fit you well but the placement of the design should also be in place so choose the one that fits in size and designs because at last it’s the design that has grabbed your attention.
Fonts and typography is another thing that is left unnoticed. In order to look funky people generally chose those quirky fonts but the one that catches all eyes are the neat and open fonts. One that can easily be read. Select the one that has a combination of 3 clear fonts to make it look trendy as well the message on the summer tee gets noticed.
Quality of image is what makes a summer t shirts get noticed. So while selecting online or at the store keep a check on the quality of print whether it gets cracked or blurred or it remains intact for long. A cracked print or linings over it turns the head in the wrong way.
Composition is a significant thing that changes the overall game. While making selections, pick some subtle and elegant print that soothes the eyes. Don’t go for T-shirts on which a lot more activities are happening as it gives a quick pain to the eyes and people might doubt your choice.
Colour combination asks for your attention. Never ever choose lots of bright colors in the single go. Color blocking and shading is trending in Summer T-shirts but the combination along with design and every portion of it carries a different colour may look messy. So choose delicate colors that go along with one another perfectly.
Through this article it can be concluded that shopping doesn’t mean just entering the shop or online store searching for your favorite colour and design and fitting into it. Always pay attention to the positioning of prints, its quality, contrast, combination and many more things before selecting a piece of apparel.
In nutshell it could be said that every detail makes a difference which is not noticed by the purchaser but could be pointed out by the one that sees you adorning it. So in your next shopping session shop it with the eyes of the viewer and not the purchaser.
This could be concluded that in the online market without even travelling one can select the dress of their choice easily. Every girl comes up with the problem of what to wear but through these styling ideas this issue gets resolved to the extent that an individual can create multiple dresses using one Summer T-shirt which fits the pocket as well as looks fashionable at the same time.

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Author’s Bio
The author of this article has a keen interest in fashion and gives productive advice on attire. This conclusion comes with thorough research for a better understanding of the readers and who wish to pursue a new fashionable lifestyle.