Hydrosalpinx is a relatively common female disease, belonging to gynecological inflammation, which is very harmful to women's body. Improper abortion and childbirth can easily induce hydrosalpinx and lead to accessory infection after postpartum, abortion, or menstruation.

Therefore, females should understand this disease and do a good job of prevention or treatment as soon as possible.

Hydrosalpinx is a common type of chronic salpingitis. After salpingitis, or due to adhesion and atresia, the secretion of mucosal cells accumulated in the lumen or because of tubal inflammation, isthmus and fimbria end adhesion occurred, which formed fallopian tube empyema. When the lumen's pus cells were absorbed, they eventually became water-like liquid, and some liquid was absorbed, leaving an empty shell. As a result of angiography, it showed hydrops.

In patients with acute stage of tubal inflammation, patients often have a history of abdominal pain. After the body absorbs the general hydrosalpinx, inflammation is often cured, so hydrosalpinx generally does not appear abdominal pain symptoms. However, due to hydrosalpinx, tubal expansion and non-expansion of the lumen can still be interlinked, so patients will often appear intermittent vaginal discharge phenomenon. Generally speaking, infertility is often the most apparent symptom of hydrosalpinx.

Therefore, treatment is incredibly important. At present, a safe and effective way to treat hydrosalpinx is traditional Chinese medicine. Such as Fuyan Pill. It can eliminate symptoms, treat hydrosalpinx, clean up the uterine environment, and improve pregnancy.

Hydrosalpinx examination

1. B Ultrasound examination: when hydrosalpinx reaches a certain degree, it can be shown under ultrasound. When women have tubal inflammation, it is easy to obstruct the umbrella end of the fallopian tube. The inflammatory exudate will accumulate in the oviduct lumen so that ultrasound can show the part of hydrosalpinx. Abnormal echo appeared on one or both sides of the uterus, and the fallopian tube became thick. Some of them are sausage-like, and the lumen is a hypoechoic or punctate echo.

But the vast majority of hydrosalpinx is not found out only through B ultrasound. Why do you say that? Because the tubal effusion's clinical experience is mostly due to the examination of infertility reasons through the X-ray salpingography check out. The majority of hydrosalpinx belongs to the empty shell left after the body absorbs the hydrosalpinx. The blind bag expansion is the X-ray sign that the contrast agent accumulated in the fallopian tube's umbrella end. The final diagnosis should be made by salpingography.

2.Laparoscopy: tubal laparoscopy can directly diagnose hydrosalpinx. In laparoscopy, people can see the adhesion between the umbrella end and the surrounding area. The function of the fallopian tube has been determined. The diagnosis of laparoscopy is very accurate and is the most advanced diagnostic technology in the gynecological examination. The fallopian tube was developed in the whole course, and the fimbriated end had been dilated.

After 20 minutes, it shows a delayed residual image of bilateral fallopian tubes, and there was no contrast agent diffusion in the pelvic cavity. The adhesion between the umbrella end and the surrounding can be seen under laparoscopy, which has determined the fallopian tube's function. However, because laparoscopy is invasive and expensive, it is generally not the first choice.

3. Salpingography: salpingography is the most reliable and straightforward method for diagnosing hydrosalpinx at present. The fallopian tube was developed in the whole process and the fimbria end had been dilated. After 20 minutes, the residual image of bilateral fallopian tubes was delayed, and there was no contrast agent diffusion in the pelvic cavity.

Salpingography is the most reliable and straightforward method to diagnose hydrosalpinx.

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