There are many questions one may ask when wanting to find a new fish tank. This article will answer one of those important questions: are acrylic aquariums better than glass aquariums? Explanations are provided on why acrylic is better for you the owner, and the life within the tank.
There are many advantages to owning acrylic versus glass when it comes to aquariums.

* Because of the way it is molded, acrylic can be formed into any shape or size of aquarium whereas glass has many limitations. Shapes like cylinders, hexagons, and pentagons create a more decorative look. This enhances what is already a living piece of art even further.

* The view through acrylic is far greater because there is less distortion than in glass. Seawater and acrylic have almost the same refractive light index. This allows your vision of the life inside to be as realistic as possible.

* Plumbing and filtration needs can be accommodated for easily in acrylic tanks because acrylic is much easier to cut than glass.

* Acrylic is lightweight, about half of the weight of glass. This allows for easier movement and transportation of the aquarium.

* Acrylic tanks are very durable and won’t crack or break like glass can. (On the other hand it is true that acrylic can scratch, but the scratches can be removed easily. If you are careful with cleaning, you should not have any problems.)

There are also many benefits for the life within the aquarium when it comes to acrylic. The greatest advantage would be the insulation factor. Acrylic tanks retain 20% more heat than glass tanks do. This allows for a more consistent water temperature for your fish. In addition acrylic allows better penetration of light which is especially important for reef tank systems that rely on light for growth. Furthermore the ability for acrylic to take any form is a huge luxury for your fish and aquatic life. Acrylic aquariums can be made much larger than glass without the requirement of seams and bracing. The more space your fish have to swim in, the happier they will be.
Acrylic fish tanks are a great investment that will long outlive glass tanks while being more functional and decorative. Aquariums are a great addition to any home or business. They have the unique ability to capture the attention of every passerby and allow them a small escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Choose an acrylic aquarium as a lifelong favor to yourself and your fish.

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