When one thinks of an affordable way to promote their business, no matter how large or small, with a product that is cost efficient and can be used by everyone, one automatically thinks of the Custom Bic logo pen. Custom Bic logo pens are used by companies across the globe as a promotional marketing tool and are customized to bear their firm name and logo. Eventually, these pens get passed along to future clients and customers and find their ways into trade shows, households, and events where visibility is high.
Customized company logo pens can give your company that extra marketing boost that everyone could use. Plus, Bic logo pens are made with excellence and also boast an eco design, which measures environmental impact beginning with the product design phase. The materials are suitable for home, office, school, and extracurricular use. Bic ensures quality and safety daily for over 40 million products as the result of high technology facilities, integrated production processes, and highly trained employees.
The top reasons why many businesses love to adopt Bic customized logo pens for marketing purposes include:
They are extremely cost efficient: These products can be purchased in bulk and offer savings of up to 75% off when purchased this way.
They are available in different styles: These pens come in a variety of ink colors, pen styles, and sizes that can be utilized in any setting you can think of. The quality of Bic logo pens rivals any of its competitors, which is why Bic is the leading brand of customized pens across the globe.
They are light and long lasting: Bic offers simple, functional products that contain only what is essential. The lighter a product is, and the longer its used, the less impact it has on the environment.
Bic culture boasts:
Simple products that make the consumers life easier as Bic provides easy answers for every day needs.
Inventive, clever, and practical solutions for your specific needs.
Quality and safety is ensured daily for Bic’s over 40 millions products. Which has proven to be the best way of winning customer loyalty.
Lastly Bic customized logo pens can be used by everyone, everywhere. These pens reach every customer in need, which is way they have a proven track record of improving marketing goals for large corporations and small businesses alike.

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