Carpet is a popular flooring choice as it's soft, comfortable and adds warmth to your home. Carpet cleaning is the best way to prolong its quality and longevity.

Cleaning your carpets is something that can be done on your own, but it is tough to do it well. You can avoid the cleaning hassle by getting it done right by hiring professional services. It is essential to understand the difference between carpet cleaning and green carpet cleaning. Green carpet cleaning is a safer alternative to chemical-based products and traditional cleaning methods, which are harmful to your carpet, environment and your health.

Here are the benefits of getting green carpet cleaning:

1. Produces less Air Pollution- Traditional cleaning methods use harsh chemicals, which have several drawbacks. First, this method requires the use of shampoos, detergent, soap, strong solvents, toxic chemicals to remove dirt and stain from the carpet. Second, though they leave you with clean looking carpet in the end however during the cleaning process, it releases strong fumes into the environment which remain even after cleaning. This can pollute your environment air and may affect your health as well.
Conversely, green carpet cleaning methods do not use soap, detergents, strong chemicals, solvent or harsh chemicals. They use eco-friendly, non-toxic agents and advance technology to clean the carpet.

2. Protect your Family’s Health- The fumes left behind after traditional cleaning can cause health problems to your family. The most common symptoms are- skin irritation, dizziness, coughing, sneezing, headaches, migraines, asthma attacks, congestion, eyes irritation, lung irritation and fatigue. You cannot get rid of these toxic fumes completely even after keeping your windows open.

3. Reduce the amount of Water Waste- Green carpet cleaning it requires only less amount of water for cleaning due to which carpet take less drying time and minimises the bacterial growth. On the other hand, traditional cleaning makes use of more water because the chemical used in cleaning requires repeated water rinses. It also takes long time to dry thus, increasing the opportunity for a long time and mildew growth.

4. Extend the Life of your Carpet- Do you know that using traditional cleaning methods attract more dirt and get your carpet dirty again faster? This may surprise you, but the chemicals, soap or detergent used in cleaning is difficult to remove from the carpet fiber even after prolonged rinse. Therefore, a sticky residue remains in the carpet fiber and attracts dirt easily leading to the fibre breakdown. Green carpet cleaning is an effective cleaning method that eradicates the dirt completely, leaving your carpet soft and clean for a longer period.

Conclusion- If you are located in Logan, hiring a trusted service for carpet cleaning in Logan is the best way to ensure better health of your carpets. Choose someone that uses natural, eco- friendly and water-based cleaning methods that are safe for your health and environment.

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