It is true that the green cemeteries are growing popular among the people who are planning their own after death service. Besides Australia green cemetery is spread over all over the world. 300 hundred tracts of land that have been developed as green cemeteries in Australia alone. These are all the natural burials.

There are three reasons why these natural burials are growing popular all over the world in these days. Most people are opting for them rather than traditional ones. The reasons are discussed below:

1. First comes for the expenses. But one thing everyone has to consider that the burial in this natural cemetery is less expensive than the traditional ones. It generally takes 1000 bucks for traditional burial. Besides there are many rituals like bronze casket, complete vault to hold the casket, the headstone and off-course a plot of land in a cemetery. These all will add another 1000 dollars. These all happen in traditional burial.
On the other hand the funeral service in green cemeteries do not require any casket or any vault to hold it. Besides, the officials plant a tree over the grave instead of the headstones. All these cut the funeral costs as compared to the traditional burial.

2. Use of caskets, vaults, headstones are done in traditional burial. But all these are not renewable resources. Moreover during the embalming process all types of chemicals are used which are not degradable. Hence we can see that this funeral is not eco friendly.
But burials in green cemetery are environment friendly. These cemeteries do not require caskets with bronze trimmings, vaults, headstones. Although if a casket is used it is made of a substance which is eco friendly and mostly degradable. During embalming the toxic chemical which is used is highly ignored. Because the liquid might enter into the ground which causes ill effect to the environment.

3. It is highly popular statement “ashes to ashes” which means that when we die we should return to the ashes from where we once evolved. So that a new life originates from there. This all happens in burial in green cemetery where it introduces to natural cycle of life.

Many individuals are there who supports the green cemetery as they believe it provides a meaningful end of life. We want to return to the earth through a new born when we die. This natural process can happen only through green cemetery.

Every people have choices about their green burial. The main thing is that whether the person be cremated or buried. If buried will it be traditional or green cemetery. Although if they are cremated their ashes will be scattered or buried.

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