Woks are common now – they have become the basic kitchen requirement. But, still most of us don’t know how healthy a meal can be if cooked in a wok and how to choose the best wok .

A wok is the healthier option available to cook food as it requires very less oil and ensures that food lands back in the pan and not on the stove when tossed during stir fry. It distributes heat more evenly that makes cooking all the more quick.

A little basic information about woks – these are basically the frying pans that are used for different Chinese cooking techniques like steaming, stir frying, poaching, boiling, braising, making soup, etc. It is different from other pans as they are curve in shape which changes the way of cooking.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of using woks for cooking:

Healthier Food
Who doesn’t love healthy food or diet? The main advantage of using woks is that food can be cooked using less oil which makes it healthier and digestible. Dishes can be prepared in less amount of time which retains crisp crunchy texture of vegetables and meats absorb less amount of oil.

Eliminating Utensils
Wok eliminates the use of more pans and pots as it is used for various techniques of cooking like sautéing, deep frying, boiling and steaming. It leads to less mess in your kitchen.
Easy Cooking

The meat or vegetables that takes the longest to cook is fried into the very hot oil at the base of the wok and blend fricasseed until the point when it is about mostly cooked. It is then pushed up the sides of the wok while the other ingredients like vegetables or seafood are added. While the delicate food cooks, the hard one is also cooking, but at a much slower rate, keeping them away from overcooking.

The structure of the wok enables you to cook meat or vegetables all the more uniformly and all in one unit.

More food
If you are a food lover; you’ll definitely going to love woks for its larger usable cooking area. Cooking is easier with woks because of the high edges - more food can be put into a wok. This means you can easily cook your favorite dish in greater quantity and also have delectable leftovers for the next day's meal. This also helps with keeping your kitchen clean as there is a less chance of food spills onto the stove.

Limits Nutrient Loss

Cooking food for longer time increases the loss of natural vitamins, like vitamin C and B vitamin thiamine. Quickly stir-frying vegetables in a little measure of oil helps minimize these losses. In spite of the fact that the high temperatures utilized will in any case cause some nutrient losses, these will be not exactly like when you grill, bake or roast your vegetables due to the considerably shorter cooking time.

Now when you know the benefits of cooking in woks, it’s time to decide which one is best for you.You may take help from the list of best woks reviewed by Yourbestpicks:

What sort of wok should you purchase?

There is not a viable replacement for a decent carbon steel wok. Is it generally cheap, as well as it conducts warm uniformly. While there numerous different sorts of woks available today – aluminum, stainless steel, much copper – experienced Asian cooks swear via carbon steel.

What to Choose - Flat or round bottom?

Choosing flat or round bottom wok is totally up to you.
Woks accompanied two metal handles to make them simple to lift all through the traditional Chinese wood stove. Today, level base woks ordinarily have a long wooden handle, similar to a skillet. The long handle makes it simple to move and tilt the wok when mix searing. Most additionally have a little "assistant" handle on the opposite side, so the wok is still simple to lift.

Round base woks may take after the conventional wok plan with two little metal "ears," or have a solitary long metal or wooden handle.

Does Size Really Matters?

Woks arrive in an assortment of sizes – places like hotels and restaurants may use woks that are several feet across. The measure of wok you pick will rely upon a few components, including your own inclinations, the sort of stove you have, and the profundity of the wok.

Choose a Wok With a Lid

Why pick a wok with a cover? Since a wok with a top will make your life a considerable measure less demanding particularly when you cook Chinese food. A considerable measure of time the fixings need to stew and be secured amid cooking. Along these lines, on the off chance that you buy a wok with a top this will make cooking sustenance with a wok considerably less demanding.

What about non-stick?

Numerous makers now offer woks with a non-stick covering, with the present enthusiasm for low-fat and healthier cooking.

How well a non-stick functions will rely upon the individual covering and how it is connected. Be that as it may, when all is said in done non-stick coatings don't function admirably on carbon steel. On the off chance that you need the non-stick covering, attempt a substantial measure aluminum wok.

Stainless Steel Woks

Stainless steel woks in some cases stick when used to cook omelets or for blend searing meats. To beat this issue, one can burn through five minutes to "season" the wok before utilize or shower a covering of lecithin on the surface of the wok to take into account simple coasting of the sustenance’s. Lecithin is sold monetarily under a few brand names as "non-stick" cooking helps.
Furthermore, that closes our look at the astonishing wok. Before influencing a buy, to choose how you will utilize it and what sort of stove you'll be cooking on to get the most ideally suitable pan for this job.

Note: It's imperative to season your wok before utilizing it out of the blue. Flavoring expels the additive oil makers put on the wok to anticipate rust, supplanting it with a light covering of cooking oil. It is additionally vital to clean your wok after each utilization. Given the assortment of woks available today, it's hard to give a general arrangement of flavoring and cleaning directions.

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