How to create an effective online dating profile.

Men can be romantic too; I’ve been using dating websites for about 3 years on and off. I’ve had marginal success, met some wonderful women and kept some great friends. In that time, however, I have often been amused at how some women portray themselves on dating websites. This article comes as unbiased and heartfelt advice from a male viewer of thousands of online profiles. I am generalising of course and mean no offence to either men or women. Here are some basic guidelines:

The Picture
The first, somewhat general, piece of advice is that you must remember that the majority of men are instantly buying with their eyes and you have to come to terms with that (it’s in our genes!). The picture, therefore, is the most important part of your profile. Please put aside any feelings you have about your horse/dog/cat/lizard, we only want to see pictures of you. By all means mention in the text of your profile about your animal passions but leave pictures of your prize pit bull for elsewhere.

Consider having your pictures done professionally or at least get a good friend to take pictures of you in various environments; dressed to go out, romantic look, relaxing at home, etc. Have one good, close-up of your face (with your eyes facing the camera!) and at least one full-body shot. You have to accept and love your body shape and present yourself as you are; there is no point waiting until the first date for your suitor to discover you are nothing like your picture, it just will not work. Finally, make sure that the pictures of you are within a year old or at least label when they were taken.

The Profile
One of the greatest frustrations as a man is reading the words; “Don’t know what to put here, just ask me if you are interested”. Come on ladies, you are trying to find the man who will sweep you off your feet and be with you for the rest of your life. I know it’s difficult, but take the time to put some informative information about yourself. Get a friend to help you if necessary.

It’s useful to list the things that you are looking for in your potential match; it makes things much simpler. One common problem I see is that the woman is becoming upset with the kind of attention she is getting from ‘players’ and men just looking for sex. Have a look at your pictures again if that keeps happening; there is a subtle difference between a sensuous and a slutty look. The first will attract strong, emotionally balanced and romantic men. The latter, well, you already know that.

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