Affordable Solo Ad Marketing

Solo Ads are an affordable way to do Mass Advertising

There are so many forms of advertising that you’ve seen already so why this one? Well let me tell you, solo Ads can be very profitable. I was on a webinar not long ago and the speaker specialized in Solo Ads. He has made a living by getting good at writing ad copy and publishing it in the right places. The key here is to have well written material and to place it on a site that will produce results.

Like any other form of advertising on the Internet, you have got to do your homework. Find out who is the best at it and copy what they are doing. Take what you learn and “tweak” it a bit so that you provide a different product with a better benefit. Don’t change it too much or your results may not be as good. If you’re going to look into creating Solo Ads then jump in with both feet and get good at it. However, don’t drop your other forms of advertising that are working for you.

How do you know where to place your ad?

My initial answer for everything is “Google it”. Type in solo Ads and you’ll find close to 1Million results. You can find out how to write them, where to place the ads, what to say to capture your audiences attention and so on. I have one site I use to send out a Solo Ad every three days that goes out to 1,000 people. You can also do them for free on sites like Craigslist and Ebayclsssifieds. If you want to pay for they you advertise on sites like Facebook and in trade magazines all over the world.

I don’t know how to write and ad!

That used to be me but since I’ve written so many they just seem to come right of the keyboard. Your headline is very important; it must “Capture” the attention of your prospect with a reason to look further. You only have a few seconds before they either delete your ad or read farther. Be brief and to the point. Don’t fill your ad with “fluff” and needless content. Tell them what you have, how it can help them and what to do next. When you place an ad on a site be sure it is located at the top, not on a side bar or at the bottom. Think about how you read a newspaper (in the US) we read top to bottom, left to right. The key word here is TOP so that’s where you want your ad to go. Typically it costs a little bit more to be on top but now you know why. I figure If I’m going to go through the expense of paying for the ad I want it to be in the most productive spot.

Can I use a Service to write my Solo Ad?

I write all my own ad copy. The more you do yourself the better you will get at it. After a while when you have mastered the technique then you can out source it. Once you have someone else writing for you then you’ll know if they are doing a good job or not. I’ve never been one to spend money without getting a really good return. Ok I’m cheap BUT…not to the extent that it costs me money. If your talent can be better utilized in other areas of your business then by all means outsource it.

Solo Ads can be another great source to produce income. Another arrow in the quiver as they say. The more mud you throw on the wall the more will stick so do something every day in your business and by the end of the year you’ll be proud of the person in the mirror.

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