In 2019, companies will want to use data more efficiently, maintaining the 2018 trend. Optimising and managing multicloud environments was a priority for many companies last year, and so was the need to integrate security at a basic level. None of these trends will disappear in 2019, and we will see an interesting mix between “evolution” – expanding and developing already-existing trends – and “revolution” – demands that are always changing and forcing companies to adopt digitalization and new technologies more quickly, according to a report released on Thursday by Cisco.


AI-ML will become routine

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) have progressed quickly over the past few years. AI-ML innovation has solved old problems, leading to a conviction that these technologies can be a solution for many challenges. Consumer apps with high visibility such as driverless cars or digital robots that “look like humans” have caught the public’s attention, but this enthusiasm is only partly justified as companies are still learning what needs to be done to adopt AI-ML.

Cisco uses AI and ML to solve real problems with a pragmatic approach. For example, they analyse huge volumes of data in the network, identify and block security threats or ensure continuous workflows. Cisco DNA Analytics can extract anonymous data from client networks, identify patterns and develop statistics. This leads to cost savings in network operation and security is improved. Encrypted Traffic Analytics from Cisco uses ML to find malware programs in encrypted traffic without a need to decrypt it, a first in the industry. We will see fast and interesting development in AI-ML in 2019.


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