Since June 2021, Alfa Chemistry Materials has been optimizing its supply of MOFs and COFs compounds and today the company announces to have completed the upgrading work. Now a large variety of MOFs and COFs products are readily available for customers worldwide.

MOFs are three-dimensional materials made up of secondary building blocks composed of metal ions/clusters and organic ligands whereas COFs are 2D or 3D highly porous organic solids made up by light elements such as boron or nitrogen. MOF compounds have a very high surface area, which makes them of much interest for catalysis, or for storage or adsorption of other molecules in the pores.

“According to statistics in the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD), the number of MOF structures being published are much larger than the number of COF structures,” says the Marketing Chief from Alfa Chemistry Materials. “Due to advantages like high surface area, easy functional modification, and versatile structural designability, both MOFs and COFs are very promising in various applications, such as catalysis, gas adsorption and separation, and optoelectricity.”

The following MOF and COF types are readily available at Alfa Chemistry Materials:
Aldehyde COF Linkers-2d-Aldehyder COF Linkers, Aldehyde COF Linkers-3d-Aldehyder COF Linkers, Aldehyde COF Linkers-4d-Aldehyder COF Linkers, Alkyne Organic Linkers-2d-Alkyne Organic Linkers, Alkyne Organic Linkers-4d-Alkyne Organic Linkers, Alkyne Organic Linkers-d-Alkyne Organic Linkers, Al-MOFs, Amido COFs Linkers-2d-Amido COFs Linkers, Amido COFs Linkers-3d-Amido COFs Linkers, Amido COFs Linkers-4d-Amido COFs Linkers, Boric COFs Linkers-2d-Boric COFs Linkers, Boric COFs Linkers-3d-Boric COFs Linkers, Boric COFs Linkers-4d-Boric COFs Linkers, Carboxylic acid MOF ligand-dicarboxylic acid MOF ligand, Carboxylic acid MOF ligand-polycarboxylic acid MOFs ligand, Carboxylic acid MOF ligand-tetracarboxylic acid MOF ligand, Carboxylic acid MOF ligand-tricarboxylic acid MOF ligand, Carboxylic acid nitrogen-containing mixed MOF ligand-ternary mixed ligand, COF Materials, COFs Linkers-Customizable COF Linkers, COFs Linkers-Hybrid COF Linkers, COFs Linkers-Other COFs Linkers, Cu-MOFs, Customizable MOF Linkers, Fe-MOFs, metal organic framework compound MOFs, MIL-101 Types of MOFs, MIL-53 Types of MOFs, MOF&COF-Ligand, MOF&MIL-101, Nitrogen-containing MOF ligand-binary nitrogen-containing MOF ligand, Nitrogen-containing MOF ligand-multiple nitrogen-containing MOF ligand, Nitrogen-containing MOF ligand-ternary nitrogen-containing MOF ligand, Organic-Linker Blocks- Isophthalate, Organic-Linker Blocks-1-Substituted TPE, Organic-Linker Blocks-Bipyridine Blocks, Organic-Linker Blocks-Bi-Substituted TPE, Organic-Linker Blocks-Halide Substituted Aromatics, Organic-Linker Blocks-Terephthalics, Organic-Linker Blocks-Triphenylbenzene, Porphyrin-A2B2-porphyrin, Porphyrin-A3B1-porphyrin, Porphyrin-A4-porphyrin, Porphyrin-Metallo-Porphyrines, Ti-MOFs, Two-dimensional MOF ligand, Zn-MOFs, Zr-MOFs and more.

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About Alfa Chemistry Materials
Known as a material chemical supplier and famed for its versatile product offerings, Alfa Chemistry Materials has long been a contracted vendor for universities, research institutes as well as manufacturing companies. Missioned to offer the best service for its customers, the company continues to upgrade its product line of supplying a comprehensive range of chemicals like carbon nanotubes, fullerene (carbon spheres), graphene with high quality, high purity materials, MOFs and COFs compound, molecular sieve, quantum dots to customers. Recently, the company has built diversified product lines, covering catalysts, lipids, functional polymers, materials, metals, polymers, regents and many more.