Mechanical testing is a necessary and essential step in the design and manufacturing process. Alfa Chemistry today announced that mechanical testing is now available at its newly launched testing lab branch - T,C&A Lab for both metallic and nonmetallic materials.

The primary goal of mechanical testing is to ensure products are safe, cost-effective and technologically advanced throughout their lifecycle. And theoretically speaking, a detailed and comprehensive mechanical testing report can also help to improve material quality, maximize the potential of the material, analyze the faults of metal parts and ensure the reasonable design of metal parts.

T,C&A Lab's mechanical testing services include, but are not limited to:

Abrasion & Wear Testing
The purpose of abrasion and wear test is to determine the wear resistance of the material. T,C&A Lab can conduct abrasion tests for various products, such as metals, leather, plastics, ceramics, in accordance with ISO, ASTM and other standards.

Bending Testing
Bending test is mainly used to determine the bending strength of brittle and low plastic materials (such as cast iron, high carbon steel, tool steel, etc.) and can reflect the deflection of plastic index.

Creep Testing
Through results of creep testing, engineers can determine the expected deformation of the material and avoid failure when designing a new system for different environmental conditions.

Fastener Testing
Fastener Testing is the most commonly seen mechanical testing item and are widely used in energy, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, chemical industry, metallurgy, molds, hydraulics and other industries.

Fatigue Testing
Understanding the fatigue properties of materials is the key to R&D, product safety and material verification. T,C&A Lab can complete fatigue tests of various products, including High Cycle Fatigue Test (Nf>105) and Low Cycle Fatigue Test (Nf{102~105}).

Fracture Testing
T,C&A Lab can perform fracture tests, including three-point bending test, compact tensile test, drop weight test and wide plate test, on metals, ceramics, rubber and plastic products, textiles and other materials.

In addition, Hardness/Microhardness Testing, High Temperature Mechanical Properties Testing, Impact Testing, Peel Strength Testing, Shear Testing and Tensile Testing are also among the testing range of T,C&A Lab’s testing range. Visit to learn more or contact us to discuss customized services that you may need.

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About T,C&A Lab
As an independent lab, T,C&A Lab now provides quality and custom testing, characterization and analysis for a variety of materials. The industries or applications for which the lab serves include but are not limit to: Papers, Water treatment, Raw material, Active ingredients, Cosmetics, Surfactant, Graphene, Paint, Metalworking, Textile, Rubber, Surface treatment, Biomedical, Oil additives, Resins, and Adhesives.