To ensure the safety and quality of materials is of paramount importance for manufacturers. Material testing has thus become increasingly popular. In a recent statement, T,C&A Lab, a branch of Alfa Chemistry, announced to provide custom testing, characterization and analysis services for a diverse range of materials, including papers, metals, raw material, active ingredients, cosmetics, surfactant, graphene, paint, textile, rubber, plastics, oil additives, resins, adhesives, leathers, glass, and many more.

“With advanced facilities and highly experienced scientific team, our lab can help with troubleshooting, R&D screening, raw materials re-test and diagnosis for many industries. We can also assist clients in testing data interpretation and simulation by advanced data analysis techniques,” says the Marketing Chief of T,C&A Lab.

The testing capability of T,C&A Lab is diversely ranged, which covers: nonwoven materials, coatings, rubber, pulp and paper, resins, textile, leather, ink, adhesives, surfactant, ceramics, glass, liquid crystals, wood, rocks, composite materials. Each testing category can be found with more details on the website. Below are a few featured testing services that are frequently sought for by customers worldwide:

Plastic Testing
Plastic testing is to conduct systematic analysis, component analysis, formulation analysis, performance testing and aging testing for various plastic products and related raw materials in accordance with ISO, ASTM, DIN, GB, HB and other standards. The plastic materials that can be tested include plastic packaging material, plastic film, plastic container, plastic electrical products, and degradable plastics.

Metal and Alloys Testing
T,C&A Lab can provide metal and alloys testing service according to ISO, ASTM standards and other industry requirements, which further covers chemical composition analysis, nondestructive testing, mechanical testing, corrosion resistance analysis, metallurgical testing, analysis of metallic material coating, etc.

Graphene Testing
Owing to its excellent optical, electrical, and mechanical properties, graphene has important application prospects in materials science, micro-nano processing, energy, biomedicine, and drug delivery. The graphene products we can test include but not limited to: single-layer graphene, bilayer or double-layer graphene, few-layer and multi-layer graphene.

Nanomaterials Characterization
The unique physical and chemical properties of nanomaterials, namely size, shape, composition and surface characteristics have opened up a new field of research and application for the development of new materials. The characterization range includes but is not limited to: nanomaterials characterization, nano-particles, nano-dispersions, nano powder, nanofiber, nano film, nano-block, etc.

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About T,C&A Lab
As an independent lab, T,C&A Lab now provides quality and custom testing, characterization and analysis for a variety of materials. The lab serves many industries. It is skillful in not only analytical testing services, but also in testing data interpretation and simulation with the use of advanced data analysis techniques.