A trophy is a tangible and durable reminder of an attainment in somebody’s life. They also serve as a creditor substantiation of merit. For a long time, trophies are awarded for sporting activities at all levels. They are also awarded academically to top scholars. They have been used to mark victories since the ancient time. They were initially used in the ancient Greece where Olympic champions were awarded laurel wreaths and an amphora with sacred olive oil. It was also used in games and the winner received different trophies which include a silver cup, tripod vase, a bronze shield or many more.

How trophies are made

As we have already established, trophies are made to symbolize a sense of prowess. To some people, they have extraordinary meanings and that’s why they usually openly display them in their homes, office or schools. They range from expensive to almost priceless medals and bracelets. However, they have all considered a treasure regardless of their value. They are usually made of metal. Some are also made from molded plastics which is colored to represent gold, brass or silver. Their parts are manufactured within a factory but they are assembled by an awarded dealer.

The parts can be assembled by the trophy dealer to represent the tastes and preferences of each customer. They can be purchased in different designs and sizes depending on the occasion and the preferences of the customer.

Why do people care about Achievements/trophies?

I know you have at one point got surprised why so many people care about how many trophies they have. Recently, trophies were introduced to the corporate world and hence there is achievement recognition for the best performer, best CEO, best Company and so on. Managers, teachers, students, athletes, and gamers care so much about achievements and getting recognized via trophies. Buy why? In my opinions, people recognize trophies as a standardized way of setting goals and proving to the world that you did it. They keep you moving, doing difficult tasks on your area just to get recognized as a beast. That’s the nature of the beast anyway.

Trophies are more of a game within a game. Sometimes you feel energized to go for a trophy and have one more than your friend. This is where the game begins, it becomes quite fun competing for achievements. The reason why we love trophies is that it adds longevity to the game, it makes you set and accomplishes goals that you wouldn’t otherwise set and accomplish without a ‘’trophy oriented mind’’.

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