Title: Alzheimer’s - Creating Joy Prolongs Life
By: Gayle Crosmaz-Brown – Shamaness/ Healer
“I bring joy” was my explanation when asked ‘what is it that you do?’ at a local networking meeting. As an energy healer I am asked this question quite frequently, as I am sure many such healers are. We all perform a variety of healing modalities, each seemingly a mystery to the public at large. My story of joy was illustrated through a particular couple I have been working with, Howard and Bonnie White. Howard was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s in 2006. For months Bonnie had been planning a trip to take Howard home to Newfoundland for a farewell tour to give their far away family and friends one last chance to say good-bye. But despite the various natural methods Bonnie had been using to successfully prolong his quality of life, Howard seemed to be declining rapidly, and they had reached the point of hopelessness as it appeared that Howard would not be well enough to go home. When I arrived on the scene 3 months prior to the trip the situation was desperate. Howard had given up and was dying. My holistic approach incorporated a variety of methods, including drumming, meditation and energy work, to try and reach Howard’s spirit. I was able to bond with him and help him connect, for himself, with a place that allowed him to heal, bringing him out of his depression and empowering him to release the feelings of despair. In less then 3 months he went from hopelessness to optimism. As a result they were not only able to take their 2 week vacation to Newfoundland, but energetically and enthusiastically were able to enjoy all of the wonderful activities (including performing a healing drumming ceremony upon the ocean’s edge.) (see photo) Upon their return I asked them both where they were emotionally and what direction they wanted to go next? Neither was sure what to say. Bonnie answered that she simply was in a state of serenity while Howard confirmed that he was just plain happy. This is what I do -I bring joy.

The journey of Howard and Bonnie’s state of bliss and contentment began with weekly sessions of drumming, talking, and performing visualization meditations then determining what direction the healing sessions should take.
Bonnie was very welcoming and excited about trying anything new, they had reached an impasse in Howard’s condition. They had been following a special diet and using the holistic supplement Immunocal with much success for the previous 5 years but Howard was starting to drift away from them. The family was at their wits end on what to try next. I researched to find out what exactly this holistic treatment consisted of, how it works and wondered why did it suddenly seemed to have stopped working. I surmised from all the scientific studies and testimonials that the product hadn’t stopped working with his physical body. The supplement was aiding his body’s ability to optimize its immune system allowing it to raise and maintain its glutathione levels. I came to the realization that the body was being taken care of physically, which is how he was able to respond to our sessions so quickly. Howard, I felt, also needed to balance his emotional and spiritual well being in order to come out of his state of depression and confusion.

During our interviewing process I uncovered Bonnie’s own personal childhood issues and how they affected their relationship over time. I also delved into Howard’s family dynamics growing up, what imprinting he received from his family as well as the families ancestral and/or cellular memories. I felt strongly that we needed to help Bonnie with her stress levels if we were going to reach deep into Howard’s mind, heart and soul. I continued the session with some drum meditations; I started with a slow heartbeat on the drum, (1.45 HZ: 1.5 beats per second) the same beat as mother earth herself. We then continued with my newly acquired Hawaiian Ho’ponopono healing drum song, which had a little faster beat, and then finished with my fast-beat galloping horses drum song. The sounds and vibrations of the drumming allowed both Bonnie and Howard to transcend their current state of mind to decrease stress and anxiety, provoke interest, and reduce depression. Reports of Howard and Bonnie’s state of mind the next day were astounding.

During the next visit the three of us worked together drumming, so I encouraged Howard to try my drum. The act of actually hitting the drum was extremely difficult for him due to co-ordination problems. Howard however had taken an interest in the drum so his wife, Bonnie went out and helped him pick out his very own drum so that we could drum together. A harmonica was later introduced to Howard by one of his homecare workers. He took to playing the instrument as if he had done it all of his life, tapping into the cellular memory of abilities neither he nor his family knew he possessed.

In the following couple of weeks Bonnie was concerned that Howard had again become delusional. I asked exactly what did she consider was delusional. She explained that he was having phantom physical symptoms, a bowel disorder that had been plaguing him for several months, as well as appearing to see and hear people that were not visible to anyone else. Bonnie had Howard checked out medically with no conclusions other then his bowels were perfectly normal and that Howard had Alzheimer’s delusions. As I sat across the room I immediately tapped into Howard’s emotions (electro magnetic field) and sensed his feelings were very real to him. I subsequently asked Howard to sit in a chair allowing me to apply my hands to the top and sides of his head as well as his shoulders to get an evaluation of what was happening inside of his brain. By connecting my brain waves with Howard’s through our electro magnetic fields, it was my opinion that even though Howard’s left-brain, his linear side or language side had for the most part began shutting down and he was functioning from his right brain, his intuitive side. I had Howard lay on a treatment table for regression hypnosis, while scanning his body energetically with my hands I located a tender area on his right shin. While performing acupressure to the area I guided Howard through the hypnosis session searching for trapped cellular memories. During the session Howard regressed to a past lifetime when he had a fatal trucking accident, severely compromising his bowels. After reviewing the scene in detail Howard accepted that these physical issues were in the past and he could then release them from his cellular memory. The bowel problems have not resurfaced since that session.

Howard was not delusional in any way as far as I was concerned, but rather he had completely tapped into his intuitive brain. Howard had never delved into that side of his brain before so everything he was feeling, seeing and hearing was confusing, overwhelming and frightening. His thought processes were similar to mine, thinking in visions, pictures and symbols 120 miles per hour but he was unable to find the words to describe what he was seeing.

We talked about how I communicate from my intuitive brain, how I think in pictures then have to translate into words what it is that I see. I explained that I could understand his frustration and knew exactly what was going on inside his head. I recapped the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” well, I said to Howard “You see a picture and then give up by thinking, oh my it is going to take a thousand words to describe this picture, I don’t even know where to start”. Most of the time the pictures come in so fast, his brain is thinking so quickly that he cannot make out the flashing-by pictures, which he is observing. I explained that the slow drumming/meditation helps him to remain calm and relaxed. This, I concluded, slows down the brain waves enabling him to see the visions/pictures at a slower pace, allowing him time to then translate the images. I told Howard that he was not disabled but more enabled, I mentioned that most healers would love to be able to completely tap into the Universal
Knowledge and wisdom the way in which he now can.

“If he should die tomorrow”, which memory will his family carry for the rest of their existence, the one of him fading from their lives leaving them in sadness or the memory of joyfully watching him dance and play”.

Do not fear that which you know to be true for on the other side of fear is wisdom. Trust your inner thoughts and feelings as the source of inspiration and joy.
“Does not joy prolong life”?

This is a short excerpt from the soon to be released book series
“Ancient Waters” By Gayle Crosmaz-Brown.

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Gayle Crosmaz-Brown a Shamaness Healer/Teacher of Higher Consciousness: has been working helping others to heal the emotional, spiritual and physical for over 30 years. Through energy work, hypnosis, drum meditation and counseling Gayle empowers her clients to self-heal. www.zhii.webs.com