I stored my emotional pain from past and present life times, as physical pain throughout my body. It manifested as migraine headaches, arthritis, FM, extreme weight gain, bowel disorders, hip and back problems, and depression. (To mention a few) To alleviate some the symptoms of my ailments, I was placed on all sorts of medication, to no avail. I would pray to the universe to please help me, I want to heal but I can’t find my way.
Up to this point, for several years our family had been spotting a vision of a spirit just outside our kitchen door. My husband then began some outdoor restorations on our century home, digging postholes for the footings to replace the missing wrap around porch. When he reached the bottom of the very first hole, outside the kitchen door, he dug up an ancient stone tool. He had dug up a stone tool a couple of years earlier, which we donated to a nearby Reserve; it was not as old as this second tool. When my husband handed me the stone I had a sudden memory rush of who this tool belonged to and that I was somehow connected to it as well. I told him, “You can’t donate this one, it belongs with me for some reason”.
I had a flash of a vision of how the tool came to be resting in our property consisting mostly of river gravel. The Trent River, which is located a couple of blocks from our home, was much wider and deeper in ancient times. I saw a canoe over turning and being washed down stream and the tool falling to the river bottom. The woman in the canoe drowned that day thousands of years ago, and her stone had fallen to the bottom of the river. As my husband continued to dig more holes he found additional stone tools that matched, they were the same type of stone, which wasn’t like any in the immediate area. I started to get visions more regularly of the spirit connected to the stone tools we now had in our possession. I was guided to use one of the tools for healing; I could feel great energy coming off the stone whenever I held it. I started out using it on myself, laying it on areas of my body that was in pain, and it did help comfort me and relieve some of the physical pain. I started to get help from the spirit connected to the tools, I could see a vision of her as she placed her hand on mine and feel her arm around my shoulders and feel her love and knowledge start to fill me.
One evening while I was in a meditative state I felt her at my bedside and suddenly she entered my body, I could feel the energy shift within me. At first I thought that I was channeling her, I could see visions of her past life with some of her family and how she used the stone tools to help them heal. I could feel ancient knowledge become clearer and I suddenly understood things I never understood before and knew things I never knew before. I was somewhat confused when I didn’t feel her leave my body for several days; I wasn’t sure what was taking place. A colleague brought it to my attention that I had regained a soul fragment, that particular piece had splintered off thousands of years ago. I had lost a piece of my soul on that tragic day and that piece of my soul remained with the stone tools waiting for my return. The importance of regaining that particular soul piece back was the aboriginal healers knowledge that came with it. I remembered the healing capabilities, which was buried deep inside me. Unblocking the buried and tragic events of a past life or a buried memory of this life keeps the ancient knowledge associated with it, locked up inside.
I began to communicate with Spirit or Source to help me unblock, I visually manifested that I was ready to receive any and all information and opportunities the Universe would provide me. I felt that I was a Shaman, it was a deep-seated belief, but I was confused at my audacity of thinking that I was a Shaman. My first thought was that only aboriginals had the right to call themselves Shamans, yet the feeling was very strong. I began to investigate healers and Shamans and found that there were Shamans (healers or medicine men/women) in every culture around the world, for thousands of years.
(the word shaman comes from Siberia)
I was informed by several people that in order to become a healer or a Shaman that you must have training and be certified. I needed more answers, who do I get my training from, where should I go, how long would it take? I made an appointment with an aboriginal Shaman to ask him who and where to get my training to be a Shaman. I told him, “I know that I am a Shaman, but how do I be a Shaman”? He laughed, and told me, “The Creator picks the Shaman, and the Creator and Mother Nature trains the Shaman”. Talk to the creator and the answers will come, listen to Mother Nature and the guidance will be there. He also told me, “You have to heal yourself and your family before you can be an effective healer”. I realized that understanding my own journey to healing would aid me in helping others to heal.
I went home that day and performed a meditation chanting ceremony and asked the Creator, Spirit or Source, “Am I a Shaman”? As I chanted to the Universe I began to cry and shake violently, a bright beam of light penetrated my body like a bolt of lightening. I heard a voice say to me, “You are Shaman, now get rid of your ego”. Then I heard the voice say, “If you think that it is you who needs to have all the knowledge, it isn’t. I will tell you what you need to know when you need to know it”. And then the voice said, “If you think that you are the one doing the healing, you are not. I will heal those who need healing, you are my vessel for that healing to occur”. I was dumb founded, I concurred that I can do that, trusting that I will be trained by Spirit in the healing arts as needed and receive advise when I ask for it.
I then began to get messages from Mother Nature about plants and their healing abilities and how to use them to heal myself. I stopped all my medications, and started to detoxify my body, I was in tremendous pain from withdrawal. I stood out on my back porch one morning praying to the universe to please help me heal my pain. The pain was getting pretty unbearable. I heard a voice call me to take off my sandals and walk down onto the grass in my bare feet. I did what I was instructed, I kicked off my shoes and stood on the cool grass, wet with morning dew. As I stood there for a minute I was told to go over and stand in the patch of Palatine, a weed that grows in most lawns. Standing in the patch of weeds growing out my back door I waited for the next message. I heard a voice tell me to pick a few Plantain leaves, wash them in sea salt water then boil them into a tea for 15 minutes and it will get rid of my severe headache. I quickly harvested a handful of leaves and proceeded to follow the instructions coming to me from the Universe, from Mother Nature. The headache was gone within a few minutes, therefore every time I started to get a headache I would drink some Plantain tea. Now I rarely get headaches and don’t even need to drink the tea any more. My energy level has sky rocketed while the body aches have subsided to a tolerable level with only some knee and shoulder issues left to deal with.

Author's Bio: 

Gayle Crosmaz-Brown a Shamaness Healer/Teacher of Higher Consciousness: has been working helping others to heal the emotional, spiritual and physical for over 30 years. Through energy work, hypnosis, drum meditation and counseling Gayle empowers her clients to self-heal.