All of us want peace and happiness. We look outside for the answers. However, the bottom line is that our happiness is up to us. We must choose to release old habits, destructive thoughts and patterns to be happy. No one can do it for us.

Everyone can realize many exciting hopes and wishes. All of us have the ability to create our own world with our thoughts. This is a principle defined under the laws of quantum physics. It is the Law of Attraction and Manifestation getting so much press in the last few years.

Therefore, if you want a better life, just ask and you shall receive. Shaman Crooks states, "We are all part of the whole and not separate." What this means is that we are all part of everything, including the light of God. Do you remember hearing that God is everywhere? If that is so, the statement by Shaman Crooks is valid. God being whole and everywhere would also imply He is within each of us; we are complete. Furthermore, if everything is within, that means we have access to anything to which God has access—everything in the entire universe.

However, many times we look outside of ourselves for the answers. To attain happiness, it is best to recognize that no one is responsible for your happiness but yourself. Others can show you how they did it or give advice when asked, but ultimately, it is up to you to act on that knowledge. If you are not currently happy, assess what is not currently working. Then look to see why it is not working. Many times, we stay in the same rut simply because we do not understand why things are not working. Could it be that you think that to obtain something that it must come from an outside source? Once you realize that everything is possible, you can more easily take action to change.

The spirit of God wants only the best for you. I know that since His spirit is within me and, I in turn, want the best for everyone else. After all, if we are part of the whole of God, the same spirit connects us all. So what is best for you is best for me, right? Why would you not make the resolution to realize the enormous creative potential you currently possess? Go ahead and create whatever life you want that could not only be constructive to you, but also benefit everyone else. My wish for you is that your grasp your true potential and that you begin to manifest constructive things as soon as possible!

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