We all know how important a dissertation is for the students and crucial it is that they submit a perfect paper. Dissertations are done by students who are doing independent research for Master's level apart from those who are doing their doctoral. But very few students are aware that there is something called dissertation proposal which is a document that needs to be submitted before starting a dissertation.

Students must check with their academic institutes if they have to do such a paper before they can start to do their dissertation. And submitting a proposal does not mean that you can do a dissertation. This is because the proposal needs to be passed by the professor. Hence before giving importance to a dissertation, students must give more importance to dissertation proposal writing.

The task, as well as the document, is very important and students must make sure that the document is an impressive one. Students can also get the help of dissertation proposal writers to get an impressive dissertation proposal. Since the writers are professionals, this will ensure that the proposal will not be rejected.

However, this does not mean that students cannot write their dissertation proposal. Of course, they can always do it. Several things must be kept in mind while making a proposal and one important aspect of them is keeping a perfect proposal structure. Just like other academic paper the dissertation proposal has a proper structure which goes as following on a general note.

 Title
 Introduction
 Aims and objectives
 Methodology
 Literature review
 Research constraints
 Conclusion
 Timeframe
 References

The structure is always subject to changes and students must verify with their academic institutes and know if they have any norms for the structure or have mentioned any definite one. Let us take a quick walk and understand what must be written in each section.

TITLE: It is best to provide a title that is short and to the point. The topic must only reflect what the study is all about. It is useless to spend time thinking about a perfect topic to mention here.

INTRODUCTION: As the heading suggests, students must introduce the readers in brief on what they will be doing their research. This might also be said as a backdrop to the dissertation. The reasons for doing this study must be mentioned, the current state of knowledge, how the study will contribute more knowledge to the subject, the gaps that must be filled up etc.

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: The central question of the study must be here, i.e. what the students want to prove in their dissertations. The main issues that will be addressed in the dissertations must be briefed here.

LITERATURE REVIEW: In this section, the students must mention all the arguments stating why their research is important, how the study will potentially fulfill a gap that has remained in any former study, mention the information source and how it has helped them and acted as a guide for further research. Comparisons can also be made with other’s works stating how the paper is on par with them. The students must always uphold their work as a valuable piece of work.

METHODOLOGY: The students must mention here all the methods which they will use to do the study since there are different methodologies that are used according to the subject and the dissertation’ topic. The methods can be empirical or non-empirical. Students must know the formatting and styling norm which will help them to arrange content faster.

Research constraints: Students must in this section mention the restrictions that they faced while doing the study. There are certain limitations like word count which the students must maintain because giving extra does not fetch extra marks. Students can also mention the other things that they wished to write but could not due to word constraint. Students must always keep in mind that writing must reflect that they are totally engaged in the study.

CONCLUSION: In this section, the students must mention what result they expect to get from the study. Students should also mention who the target audience is.

TIMEFRAME: A Gantt chart is important over here that will show the planning and management.

REFERENCES: Few sources can be mentioned here along with which how many the students expect to write.

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