How many of you have had dreams that made you so mad when you awoke that your whole day seemed to be wrecked? Do you understand how to analyze such a dream? Do you think those dreams can influence how you act the rest of the day? Furthermore, have you noticed that such dreams can oftentimes occur whenever you are already coping with stress and unrest in your life?

A few days ago, I woke up with a doozy of a dream. In the dream, I was going about my business, working hard. Each day that passed, I felt I was making more and more progress in my business. Life was abundant and good.

However, I soon discovered that there was another person working against me. Every time I instigated a project, this person would go behind my back, telling my customers lies about me. The harder I worked, the more diligent this person was in slandering me.

The person did not physically look like a monster in my dream. On the contrary, it was someone whom I had known for a very long time. It was a trusted friend. This 'friend' was in a completely different business than mine when I began my business. In fact, they had told me that they would support me and help make my business thrive in any way they could.

However, as I learned about my friend's shenanigans behind the scenes, it became apparent that my friend had decided to go into the same business as me. Therefore, instead of helping me with my business, my friend had begun a campaign to drive my customers to their own door. I began getting mad, wishing ill for that person.

Over time, this so-called 'friend' outsmarted me in every area of my life, and not just in the business sense. They had they stolen my customers, but also stole my friends and the love of my life. By the time I woke up, I was extremely angry from the dream.

In the past, I would have wondered about the meaning of the dream all day long and it may have affected my day in a destructive way, as I would be in a poor mood. However, I have since learned that it is more beneficial to let bad dreams go by the wayside. I know that our thoughts create our world and thinking I am losing everything will simply manifest such. If I woke up and continued to focus on the losses in my dream, it may have a snowball effect just as it did in the actual dream. I choose to think differently.

Therefore, instead of focusing on who would do such a bad thing, I dismissed the dream completely. Why did I do this? I recognize that there are those dark forces in the universe who seek to keep humanity from reaching their full potential. That is what bad guys sometimes do; they try to make you so mad that you will not work the constructive path. Also, note that just as in real life, people who work the dark path do not necessarily appear as monsters. They can be regular people, even disguised as trusted friends, in our dreams. So do not be deceived by their appearance.

Many times, our dreams reflect the best efforts of those dark entities to keep us down. You can always tell if this is the case, by how you feel after a dream. If the dream does not serve the constructive attributes of love, understanding, compassion, honor, honesty and humility, you can rest assured dark forces are manipulating the dream. The key is to recognize this fact, and not allow them to accomplish their task of halting your spiritual ascension.

Dark energy can be particularly active during times of stress, as people are more vulnerable during those times. Yes, with today's sour economy, it is easy for people to think things are bad and getting worse. Dark energy may be initiating an internal war within you, as methodical as any military campaign. Dark energy may be targeting you. Why would that be the case? You are already working the constructive path! It is beneficial to remember that dark forces do not target those who are already on their side. Therefore, do not get down. Remember, despite any hardship or concern, today is just another day—an opportunity for growth!

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