Your child spending too much time on his phone could be your biggest worry. You have no idea whom he is calling or chatting with, which sites he is visiting, and what kind of information he is searching for. Questioning him would only arouse his suspicion and probably ruin your relationship. Your best solution is to install an Android Keylogger that keeps you informed about his online activities.

What exactly is an Android Keylogger?

A Keylogger refers to a software program specifically developed to gather the keystrokes of a particular targeted device and then put them all up in a log file. They work in a simple and undetected way for as long as you need them to.

An Android Keylogger is an advanced version of a Keylogger with many more capabilities such as GPS positioning, call recording, message access, app control, web spy, and data control. It can be installed on any Android phone without being detected. Apart from parents who want to keep their children safe, the app can also be used by employers and security agencies.

Signs that you may need an undetectable Android Keylogger

All those parents who wish to keep their children safe in the big bad online world can benefit from installing an Android Keylogger. However, here are a few reasons that emphasize your need to install one:

  • Your child leaves the room whenever he wants to call someone or answer a call on his phone
  • He has been spending time with friends who may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Online treats tend to lure your child to give away his personal information
  • Your child is a victim of cyber-bullying
  • He is addicted to using social media apps or playing games on his phone
  • You are always worried about your child misplacing or losing his phone

iKeyMonitor – The Android Keylogger that works on iPhones and Android phones

As a parenting control app, iKeyMonitor is powerful enough to record calls and keystrokes, track SMS and chat messages, monitor websites visited, capture screenshots, monitor photos, videos and voice messages, block games and apps, and more. You can use it to limit your child’s screen time, while successfully monitoring his or online activities. What’s more – you can even track his whereabouts by using GPS and Geo-fencing features.

Features of iKeyMonitor

  • iKeyMonitor Spy: Offers Tamper-proof and discreet monitoring, can be protected through password, and can be used to control unauthorized access through customizedaccess code or URL. Keeps log of all keystrokes typed in target devices. Also records pasted text in apps.
  • Calls Spy: Provides details on every call made or answered, records conversations in a discreet way, and enables you to listen in on phone surroundings.
  • SMS and Messenger: iKeyMonitor spies on SMS text messages of both sides, including voice messages and photos or videos sent. It enables you to recover deleted SMS messages too. It also monitors messages sent and received via apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Line, Skype, Kik, Viber, Hangouts, QQ, IMO, Instagram, SnapChat, Tinder, BBM and Hike.
  • Email and Web: It takes screenshots of email and logs keystrokes typed in email, logs Wi-Fi History, and tracks web browsing history on Chrome or Safari.
  • Comprehensive Tracking: iKeyMonitor comes with comprehensive tracking features such as call recording, Keystroke capturing, Clipboard monitoring, taking screenshots, Geo-fencing, GPS Tracking, and tracking website visits.
  • Multimedia Spying: It lets you spy on photos taken through camera, screenshots saved on phone, voice messages recorded, and pictures and videos received via messaging apps.
  • Phone Control: iKeyMonitor helps you block apps and limit the time that your child spends on his smart phone

With remote monitoring features, this easy to use Android Keylogger comes with a 3 day free trial and a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. It works well on iPhones, iPads, and Android Devices. Should you have any queries that you may want to clarify before purchasing the iKeyMonitor, there is always the live chat support that you can rely upon.

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