Angelscopes for April 2012

April is really going to be your month it seems. There is a lot of communication that comes in around you; there is also a sense of obstacles being removed here for you to. Things that once seemed out of reach now seem possible. There are opportunities here for you to get your point across and I don’t feel that this will just be mere lip service; I really feel your message is going to be heard and understood, loud and clear. People are very interested in what you have to say right now. Don’t be surprised if things around you begin to move very swiftly!

It is all big smiles with for you this month. I see an opportunity to look and plan ahead. Some beautiful opportunities are in the pipeline for you. You know how to enjoy life and make the most of your many blessings. Holidays and travel are indicated for you this month, but some of these plans also seem to tie in with your future. You know you are at your best when you are not weighed down by the stress and strains of work, you can give more to those you love, so good for you planning the breaks in advance, you so deserve it!

This is going to be a busy month for you dear Gemini. You know life is sometimes like busses, one minute there aren’t any the next they all come at once and this seems to apply to your social life. It feels as though things may have been a little quiet of late, but this month will certainly make up for it. There are parties, social gatherings and family do’s a plenty it seems. Expect lots of invites in the manner of all shapes and sizes. It feels as though it will do you good to let your hair down and remember how it feels to throw caution to the wind, enjoy!

Money may not be so great for you this month, but remember that every cloud has a silver lining. There may be help to come from unexpected sources. You are asked to not neglect yourself and do not suffer in silence or go without what you need. You can sometimes be your own worst enemy, playing things down that are sometimes more serious or need the help of another. Do not let your pride get in the way here. Don’t be surprised to find your body in a little need of nurturing too. Honour the signs it gives you.

You are finally moving forward and soon the end will be in sight. Things are becoming a little clearer around you, the end goal is in sight, however, there are moments when you doubt this and question too much. You need to stay focused on that end goal. Do not allow your faith to waiver here. Your strength and determination have brought you this far, do not start to question things when you are just at the final hurdle… time to take one for the team, the team of your mind, body and spirit, keep on, you can do this!

It seems to be all work, work, work! Let’s be honest Virgo, you love to work and working is what you do best. You feel out on a limb when you are not buried within a task or work priority, but even you sometimes like to take a break, but this month is certainly not going to be break time for you. You are finally making some in roads here. The right connections and links are being made and you are exactly where you need to be here. Financial improvements are underway and things are looking a whole lot better for you in the months to come. As you now put your back into the important foundations.

Love is in the air! Your cup runneth over this month. You feel at peace within yourself and with all that are around you. It feels as though an emotional clearing has taken place within and around you this past month, regardless of whether or not you have noticed it. New beginnings are aplenty here for you and there is some fun to be had here. Energetically, your whole being feels so much lighter! As you ooze love, joy and abundance from every pore! Your mood and energy is infectious this month, they will be fighting to be in your space!

Eenie, meanie, minie, mo…. Decisions, decisions and you are clearly spoilt for choice at present. It seems you are feeling the urge to do things a little different this month which is fine, but the only downside is that you don’t have a clue as to what it is you should be doing and you know what they say… When you are uncertain, it is better to not take action. You are overlooking all what is already present around you. It is time for you to take a new look at your surroundings with fresh eyes, do you really know how good things are for you? Don’t wear yourself out with status anxiety.

If you wish upon a star…. Now is the time for you to make your dreams happen and allow them to come alive. You may not have had the best few months of late and things may have been a little up and down, not always going to plan, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your original plans and intentions. This seems to be a test of your faith really. Your dreams really will come alive if you permit them to and this means you may need to invest a little bit of time and effort into making that happen. No one has more passion for this than you. Forget the troubles and move on.

Do not worry dear Capricorn, as worrying so often can be one of your favourite pastimes. Everything you have worked towards will soon come to fruition. The fruits of your labour are to be guaranteed. Know that the rewards are coming and don’t doubt it! Expect some recognition this month in the work arena and it seems that this will open up new possibilities for you too. It is time to ready yourself for the new doors that are opening and the new journeys which beckon. This is just the beginning!

Oh you seem a little anxious, but this month you are asked to try and let things go a little. There is a lot more balance and harmony to come forth around you, which seems to be greatly needed at this time. I also feel that your hardships are going to be recognised by others in order to bring about a new understanding. Breathe a sigh of relief and try to take it all in your stride. You are more in control than what you think. Don’t be fool and underestimate yourself or play your many skills and talents down.

The wheel is turning and doors are opening for you, however, not all that glitters is gold. There are nice dreams to dream here some of which will be reality and others that will not. Amongst your choices you must find the one that resonates with you the most and will bring the most joy and fulfilment to you in the long term. Regardless of how shiny things may look in the beginning, they may not stand the test of time and be so sparkly at the end. If you follow your heart you will choose wisely. Don’t doubt those first instincts or yourself.

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