Angular Cheilitis might sound foreign to you but the truth is this medical condition is quite common. One can suffer from this medical condition when exposed to extreme weather conditions, like too much cold or heat or wind. There are also those that say this is an effect of a nutritional deficiency. There can surely be several causes behind this medical condition but what is more important is for us to learn more about it. In this way, we can have an idea of we are afflicted and what steps do we need to do next to alleviate the suffering we are going through.

Angular Cheilitis is a medical condition that is observed around the corners of the mouth. It can become extremely painful when lesions start to develop. In many cases, these lesions can split open due to the movement of the mouth. They can split horizontally or vertically, which obviously causes severe pain. What is worse is that the cracks can bleed as they become quite sore. In fact, they can also develop into crusty scabs that do not appear quite nice.

Many people believe that one of the main causes of this medical condition is anemia. Anemia is a medical condition in which the body becomes incapable of storing and processing iron properly, which leads to a deficiency. There are also those who believe that a fungal infection of thrush can trigger angular cheilitis. There can be several other causes and this is why it is important that you should see a doctor should you notice signs of this medical condition so that the appropriate treatment approach can be recommended to you.

It is also good to not that this medical condition is not always symptomatic of another kind of disease or illness - this condition can simply occur on its own, especially among people who experience changes in the shape of their mouth due to the loss of teeth. The same thing can happen to people, and even children, who have the habit of licking their lips during cold weather, like in winter. While licking the lips can provide momentary comfort, all it actually does is exacerbate the problem.

As have been mentioned, the treatment of angular cheilosis depends on its cause. In minor cases or those cases where the patient is a senior person or a child, applying topical creams on the affected area can help ease the pain. If the cause has been determined as thrush or some other virus or fungus, then treatment should be based on such fungus or virus so it can be effective. If the cause is a nutritional deficiency, treatment would then be in the form of nutritional supplements.

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