An anklet is one of the beautiful accessories for women which has both the touches – rebellion and traditional. It is worn around one or both the ankles depending on personal choice. This fashion piece of jewellery was originated in Southeast Asia where it is still worn by the married women as a symbol of prosperity and happiness. In India and Pakistan, anklets are generally called as ‘Paajeb’ or ‘Payal’ which are usually made of silver or gold. To beautify it further, traditional anklets for women have trinkets attached to it which create soft jingling sound while walking. With the evolution of fashion jewellery, there are many other metals and materials used to make anklets in various shapes and patterns.

These days, anklets especially, charm sterling silver anklet is getting very popular as an accessory for all occasions. Whereas there are various variations to it. Addition of glass beads, pearls, gemstones, shells etc has added another class and glamour. Anklets for women is just an expression of her personality. Though being a historical significance and many old tales associated with it, it can be worn by any woman irrespective of their age, caste, color and even gender. Yes, you heard it right. Today, men too have been inclined towards this fashion jewellery, not many but few.

Anklets can be modest, alluring, delicate, funky, classy and bold. Anklets for women are available in a wide range in sterling silver, 14K gold, gemstones, woven anklets, beaded anklets, pearls, crystals and many more. You will find most of the handcrafted anklets will be the most unique and often one of a kind. Despite being available in so many varieties and styles, the grace of charm anklets is at par. Their simple design and cute style can impress anyone. One can select the best charm for their best friend, lover or wife to which they closely relate to and can make them happy. For example, lotus, bird, butterfly, sun or a star. Unlike other fashion accessories, Charm anklets for women are much easier to choose from. One can also go for less common and colorful beaded anklets.

Sometimes selecting a right-sized anklet can be a real challenge for anyone to buy it. Some jewellery brands offer adjustable anklets in a variety of sizes such as 8-9 inches, 9-10 inches, 10-11 inches, and 11-12 inches. Still, it would not be a bad idea to measure your ankle or of the person, you want to gift it to. While buying anklets for women online make ensure you find or customize the right anklet that will be a perfect fit for you.

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