About antique finishing and antique designs, you must have heard about it so much for jewellery, furniture, cookware, and other house accessories designs. Antique is something that has survived for 100 years and holds the same quality which is held on the first purchase. It has some unique finishing and design which is in demand nowadays. People like to keep quality-oriented objects at their homes which have some sort of history and unique presentation. The antique design comes in the latest furniture designs Gurgaon of the 21st century.
If you are bored with the same furniture design which is available everywhere in the market and is equipped in every household then you can look up to the option of antique furniture design which is everlasting and the style never fades away even after a century.
To look for antique furniture you need to keep some following points in mind:
• Look for quality
It is important to focus on its uniqueness that makes it antique. Many furniture manufacturers polish the furniture in a certain way that it does not last long. If you are looking for real antique material then you can visit some stores that have furniture made of walnut, oak, rosewood, mahogany wood, etc. These woods have distinctive colors that give a different appearance on its outer surface. These woods are costly but very strong. You can also get Chinese antique furniture made with elm which is cheap and sustainable.
• Match room accessories with the antique furniture
If you are thinking to change your sofas and bed with antique finishing, then it is also important to focus on antique accessories that are generally [placed in your bedroom. You can buy antique design home décor like a showpiece, lamps, wall hangings, and even dark colored curtains. All these add more to your antique finishing.
• Keep your theme simple
If you are willing to get your home designed in antique establishments then you have to focus on your house theme to get the complete look. Imagine if you have antique polished objects but you have a pop wall color then it will not give the fine design that it is supposed to have with the antique work. So, get simple wall colors that are not pop and eventually fit everything in your room and make it a theme.
Do not confuse yourself with antique as vintage as these are two different worlds with a different history.

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