While most forms of anxiety disorder treatment these days are focused on medication, an entirely new approach to curing anxiety and panic attacks is proving to be very successful. While medication certain has it’s place and the ability to prevent people with extreme conditions to tip over the edge, the side effects is a real problem.

Anxiety is first and foremost a mental disorder. Logic dictates that curing a mental problem “mentally” is only natural, isn’t it? Yet the medical community disagree. Trying to cure a mental disorder by pumping your body full of chemicals is most certainly not the logical solution. When you alter your brain chemistry with any of these strong drugs you quite literally numb your entire experience of life.

Therapy has long been a very effective anxiety disorder treatment. It works because it treats the source of the problem head-on. Unlike medicine it compels you to confront the fears and work through the issues. Those who go through therapy tend to find the entire experience as a process of self growth and personal improvement. Cognitive behavioral therapy is probably the best treatment for anxiety since it helps you get to the root cause of the problem – eliminating it root and all and thereby removing the entire problem from your life.

Therapy can be expensive though and even though there are many government and state programs that can help you for free, the really good therapists are usually private and usually expensive. Lately, so called alternative therapy is proving to be extremely successful at treating anxiety. What was previously thought of as only supportive therapy is now becoming more mainstream simply because these therapies are proving to work.

Mediation, relaxation and yoga is proving to be just as successful if not more successful than conventional treatments. With these treatments, you learn to regain control of your mind. Although some are skeptical these are all ancient healing practices that’s been part of many spiritual traditions for centuries. In addition to curing anxiety, people who undergo these treatments also report a whole host of other benefits, including better sleep, more energy and a greater sense of meaning and purpose in life.

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