Jim Rohn is one of the true greats in the motivational field. Let's look at one little quote of his right now:

"What we ponder, and what we think about, sets the course of our life. Any day we wish, we can discipline ourselves to change it all. Any day we wish, we can open a book that will open our mind to new knowledge. Any day we wish, we can start a new activity. Any day we wish, we can start the process of life change.

"We can do it immediately, or next week, or next month, or next year…”

Or we can go to our grave never having done it.

What he says is true—any day we wish. There is no such thing as too dumb, too ugly, too disfigured even, too stupid, wrong background, wrong religion, wrong race, wrong color, wrong age, wrong state of health—although that's one challenge you would obviously want to work on.

You can't change your race or heritage or anything like that, but you can start improving your health in some way, any day you wish.

Any day you wish, if you're tired of the monotony, you can begin the process of change. Any day you wish, if you'd like to earn more money, you can begin the process of change. Any day you wish, the ball's in your court.

There are three things at work here—philosophy, strategy, and actions. Let me give you a story about a company called Critter Control. It's a good company—if you ever get animals in your attic or in your basement and you'd like to have some professional help, give 'em a call. Their number is 1-800-Critter.

I was talking to the fine gentleman who has the franchise here in Nashville while he was doing work at my place, and he was telling me that he was there, 20 years ago, with the founder of Critter Control. He was working side-by-side with the founder.

And you know, it was just a job, so he twisted off and did something different—a series of jobs where you get off at 6:00 and go home and drink beer, and when they call, you say, "Don't call me to come back to work, because I've already had two beers," when actually you've already had four. Know what I mean?

Twenty years later, Critter Control is in something like 26 states and 4-6 countries. These are not exact figures—I'm just remembering the conversation—but it's a big thing. And now Mike has his own franchise.

Hey, he knew the business; he knew the business 20 years ago. So it wasn't not knowing the business—it was doing the business or not. Now he's got a franchise—he's happy. And this other man he started out with is a multi-millionaire.

Any day you wish, you can change the direction of your history, of your destiny. Everything you do leads to a final outcome. Any day you wish, you can change the direction that you're headed.

Thank you, Jim Rohn.

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