Apex Legends Pros Tips to Improve Your Gaming

After a sluggish period followed Apex Legends’ epic introduction, the game just took its biggest leap yet. Developer Respawn just released the biggest season update yet, introducing an entirely new, huge map.

To help get your bearings, The Post checked in with several pro players to get both a better grasp of the game’s basics and a stronger sense of what tactics may work best to win on the World’s Edge.

Understand your character’s movement

This isn’t Fortnite. You can’t build your way out of a sticky situation. To take control of a fight, you’ll need to close the gap between you and the enemy squad, utilizing cover along the way. If you don’t know the intricacies of movement in this game you are a sitting duck.

Select the right weapons

Not all weapons are created equal in Apex Legends, and the relative strength of them depends on the current patch.

Players agree that the best close-range weapon is the R-99 submachine gun, as well as the Peacekeeper. With the more open World’s Edge, longer and mid-range weapons like the Wingman, Scout (recently buffed) and R-301 assault rifle will do the trick.

The newly introduced Charge Rifle also helps close gaps, as the laser has zero bullet drop. If you see one, do your team a favor and pick it up.

Close the door behind you

Using the map to your vantage in any battle royale is the key to victory. In Apex Legends, that means closing the door behind you.

Many players forget to close the door, which makes it all the easier for enemies to engage you from outside. If you health drops low and you want to loot while you are safe, it’s important to remember to shut the door. You wouldn’t leave the front door to your house wide open, would you?

You can also sacrifice the equipment in your legend’s kit to block the door. Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap, Wattson’s Interception Pylon or Lifeline’s D.O.C. Heal Drone can also delay enemies from entering a building.

Shields before heals

One quick note while we’re on the subject of healing, Thomas also vises you to pop your shield recharges before your health supplies. One shield cell takes three seconds to complete, while a syringe takes five seconds.

Be aggressive

Taking fights is one of the best ways you can improve because that’s the only way to ensure a win when you reach the final circle. Even if you avoid the rest of the teams for the entire game it will still come down to your mechanics and skill in combat.

“When you play, play to fight, don’t play to win the game because the guy that has more experience in combat will always win at the end of the game,” said TSM’s Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen.

Beyond just practice, the game rewards you for being aggressive and taking the most advantageous fights, Bent said. At the same time, taking the worst fight as possible improves your ability to think on your feet and perform under pressure. Taking these fights to improve your mechanical ability will mean you are going to die a lot, and the key is to not get frustrated and tilt yourself.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Beyond everything else, Apex is a team game. There isn’t even a standard solo mode option. Communication and trust are key if you want to succeed.

Following through with a teammate’s play, even if you don’t agree with the decision, will usually produce a superior outcome than going Rambo on your own. It’s always better to have strength in numbers.

This works even better with a preformed team. If you can select teammates who are like-minded and have the same goals, where everyone is willing to put in the same amount of work, you’re on the right path, said TSM’s Jordan “Reps” Wolfe.

And if you are on your own, as many players all in the solo queue are, try to communicate as much as possible. The pinging system in Apex can also be a good way to convey information to your teammates and alert them to enemy threats.

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