Every woman comes in a distinctive package with different assets so that there is someone that will be of interest every type of guy. That's the 1st thing to think about when you're looking for a man that you are compatible with. What attracts one man might not appeal to another, and what might not attract one guy will interest still another. You are taking the 1st step to appealing to a man just by being you. Focus on your abilities and most amazing assets, and work from those. Don't attempt to alter who you are just because you feel that's what one guy is looking for. Making yourself over for the incorrect reasons will not make you better or more lovable.

Be the best "you" that you can be with the wonderful assets you have been blessed with, and men will take notice. Don't mold yourself after other women that you feel are more appealing and magnificent than you. Feel great about yourself the way you are today. There is a man out there that will appreciate you just the way you are. The more you appreciate yourself and your specific capabilities and attributes the more you will attract indviduals that love being around you.

The next step to attracting a guy is to possess an attractive attitude. Can you see joyfulness and self-acceptance in your facial expression? Or are you giving out a downer vibration? If you have a warm, pleasant attitude, men will want to get closer. It's the small, subtle, even subconscious signals you emit with your mood and facial expressions that make the difference between steering men away or pulling them close. If you are appreciating of the great things in your life and positive about your future, you are more attractive to the men. Guys do not want to get in a relationship to listen to all your problems and dislikes about yourself. A guy desires a woman who will make him feel better, not worse.

Finally, put in writing the things you want in a man. Big things. Minor things. Everything. Write it down. Take this list around with you and look at it regularly, so you have it in your mind. Train your psyche to think about these wants not as a "wish list," but as something that you simply have in the near future. If you are envisioning a dim and solitary future for your worthless self, that may very well be how you will end up. Visualize a future that includes a positive, loving relationship. If you can see it, you can make it happen.

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I'm Robyn Lee and I'm a relationship and dating adviser to women. I made many dating mistakes in the beginning that caused me to be single for a very long time. I have since learned how to not only attract but continue to have a loving relationship with my Prince Charming. Today I share my understanding with other women so they can create healthy and positive relationships as I have done with my Prince Charming.

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